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Parafield Endless Flight Training Noise

Buzzed 300-1200 times daily by ~7tonnes of aircraft containing an ape learning to fly over your home from 0700 till 11PM?
Well, there is about 200-300 complaints registered by over 50 different complainants every quarter continuously being ignored…
Many do not even know where to register a complaint, if so freecall 1800 802 584, as often as you like.

Welcome to our blog exposing another one of our States’ grubby secrets – this one that has sold the amenity rightfully belonging to many thousands of family homes, built by people working years of their lives paying for it, trashed just to benefit particular foreign interests. And yes, I am one of the many adversely afflicted, living miles from the aerodrome for nearly 50 years, and am absolutely disgusted what’s happened to our area over the past 15 years. Progress they dare claim, adding to their shame, while they destroy the environment of about 20,000 homes, handicapping the less fortunate with their children, because it is State policy not to measure the unnecessary noise of endless training flights. The massive volumes of training flights (up to 2000 air movements per day) need not to occur over residential Parafield. Over 99% of the Parafield cadets are not from Australia, they can do their practical flying anywhere outside of our residential areas. But no, it is done in the middle of a city, merely to suit the convenient lifestyle for their students and instructors, at the expense of our health, well-being and financial property value.

How and why does this lunacy happen? Well firstly there is a lot of money to be made, and these inconsiderate polluters don’t want to be inconvenienced by appropriate remoteness. In fact, if they can urbanely entrench themselves enough they may be able to sue the State (that’s us) for compensation & relocation costs, after they cause a public health problem that can no longer be ‘managed’ (that’s PR speak for being ignored). The money would be there in the rapidly appreciated land value of the airfield they do not own, but lease. That is probably why large scale flying schools only seem interested in popular areas of rapid regional growth. Beware Mandura, Maryborough-Hervey Bay, Townsville just to name a few. What’s wrong with places like Woomera?

The Queens money is behind a lot of this strategic secure investment. Much of it is behind dodgy companies like BAE, all part of global tax schemes strategically selling security, promoting aviation selling more aircraft requiring crews of pilots adding to their sale contracts milking ‘developing’ countries. Parafield is part of the pilot learners’ course. Since the mid 1990’s hundreds of annual inexperienced first-time flyers wing over tens of thousands of homes, many homes first built there during the 1950’s - how clever is that? I suppose Queen and aviation lovers think there is no problem, but nobody is measuring the pollution. Colonisation in this manner has destroyed my home amenity, and adversely impacted our neighbourhood, losing many naturally gifted people forced to move out because of intolerable incessant aircraft noise. Sadly their polluted homes generally become inhabited by the less fortunate, often less literate, whose children would be more disadvantaged and consequentially they are even more easily ignored.



Anonymous said...

Interesting angle, dynastic colonial strategic investment - there is an old saying that by following the money one gets closer to the truth. You are not the only ones sold out by South Australian government. We live on the Salisbury Highway that was not planned to be directly connected to the Port when we built our homes, remember the large green belts, now Mawson Lakes? Traditionally that was the area where most recreation flying occurred, not so now. At times the noise from the Salisbury Hellway is so bad, they learn to fly helicopters along it hoping we don’t notice them! Our EPA & State Government also does not want to know about our degraded environment, on or above the ground. They don’t want to be distracted from wine tasting with pubic relations consultants while we genuinely suffer to fund them. Hope more victims find this blog and speak out.


Parafield Flight Training Noise said...

Disgusting we agree. Here is a short summary from the WHO (that our Govts apparently subscribe to)about the adverse health affects of noise. Please share it with other residents along that "Hellway".

Local Council elections are happening soon, maybe we can encourage Candidates, along with our 'Environmental Pollution licensing Authority' to understand what basic human environmental health standards mean! (I assume they are supposed to look after humans...)

R Young said...

At last, a webplace sharing common experience about flight training at Parafield! Here is how we are ‘managed’ by reckless Governments sanctioning a half a million unnecessary aircraft movements in the middle of a vast urban area. You may have read this, if not, click the link below for how we are ‘managed’ by various Authorities avoiding responsibilities they were entrusted with. It may help the new or unwary towards anticipating what to expect, and perhaps save them a lot of, ‘getting stuffed around’ time. Another nice area where people are trashed for so called ‘growth’ by this proxy/poxy/pokies place. Now that Roxby royalties are on the horizon, do you think anything will change around Salisbury? Certainly the State doesn’t need the damn flying nuisance now, and yes, the airport operators are pushing more helicopters over homes.

Good Luck, will be happy to participate with Civil proceedings when ready…

R Young

Led Zep said...

Hi, just to let you know the Salisbury Council's view:

Let Zep said...

Or, just in case Salisbury Council removes their page, (now that Mr Zappia has become a MP), here is another link to the same publication: said...

Like your pictures! We have over 100 scanned newspaper clippings of Parafield Residents expressing their tourment by writing to the local paper if anyone is interested.

They date from when the 'Australian Aviation Academy', then BAE, changed to Flight Training Adelaide (now owned by a Honkers company) commenced in the early 1990's.

Just ask for Ramon at said...

Hundreds of households have suffered because of this unconscionable allowance of reckless foreign polluting investment over residential Salisbury. It is estimated for every letter written, there may be up to 200 people adversely affected that do not write. State and Federal Governments know this yet continue to ignore our Local Government’s, (now representing ~120,000 citizens), concerns. To demonstrate the scale of the public nuisance we are in the process of listing a sample of newspaper clippings on the website:

All other written information is welcome, confidentiality is respected, please sent to:

Reviewer said...

Like the paper comments, slick PR & a good insight how to get free advertorials!!!

Imagine, how to consult the community that they train engine failures over their homes, as a careers choice!!!

Lenhard Schiagga said...

That is obscene, depraved and disgusting. Thousands of apologies should be sought for all those innocent families affected by such needless pollution. The airport would be bankrupt many times over if a smidgen of compensation was won. I should know as I'm an administrator in aviation. Fine the irresponsible policymakers, reckless airport operators or authorise Australian Defence department to use those annoying pesky foreign trainers for target practice.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow what a sickening tale. How can the very governments that I thought represent the people, us, and its interests sell us out for money hungry highly intelligent investor manipulators. Come on SA Govt and Fed Govt what about looking out for the common person who helps keep the country going. Get back to basics and make and enforce laws that protect us from the greedy few who care nothing less than their own interests. Please wake up to the con artists who in their suits and ties, speak about jobs to be created and lots of money for the governments and people. They are outsmarting our own governments.They often have large amounts of money in order to hire/ recruit the best and smartest minds to formulate their strategic plans. Plans that ultimately take money away from us and leave behind a wake of despair and pain.

Good ya mate, you had the courage and intelligence to put up this blogg . I think its time for the people to take control of this country again and begin to make decisions that are life giving rather than life taking! Ps. For all those who are not up to date with it all, people who bought and built houses 6 km away from the airport did not have the flight paths and training schools established at Parafield at that time. Furthermore as with all businesses, if any business has the potential to cause a nuisance to the local government or its neighbouring people the business would not be allow to operate. So ask yourself this question, has does something on this magnitude get the OK?

John said...

At last I have found a website dealing with this huge problem. I will now pass it on to other long term residents of Salisbury who are beside themselves putting up with this daily and constant noise.

I have had the occasional letters printed dealing with this problem and then have suffered abuse either by return letters in the paper or anonymous letters sent to my home. I don't care as they only stir me up to write more of the truth.

What really concerns me, beyond the noise, is that the aviation industry is responsible for 10% of the effects of Climate Change, and with the prospect of oil becoming obsolete in the near future, what is the point of training thousands of new pilots when soon they will all be out of a job.

I wrote to Mark Butler soon after his election in November. It took him 6 months to reply and all I was presented with was the Labor policy on noise - whether there should be a curfew at airports or not. What a copout! I wrote back but as yet, 3 months later, have not received a reply.

Isn't it wonderful to be a politician, represent the local people and don't live anywhere near this noise.

September, 2008

Gary Goland said...

Noise is a principal issue from flying aircraft/helicopers, but please also bear in mind the poisonous effects of the many Toxic pollutants emitted by aircraft both on the ground and in the air. Internal combustion engines do not burn 100% of fuel.

Noise and toxic fuel emissions from aircraft present compelling argument that Parafield is a totally unsuitable site to locate both residents and a flying school. One of them should be relocated.

Gary Goland said...

Aviation also imposes air toxics on the residents living beneath flying flying aircraft. To view go to the Toxic pollutants emitted by aircraft a reference at the Wikipedia site, describing the uses of Tetra Ethyl lead (TEL) especially its deadly toxicological effects on those exposed to TEL from ambient air emissions.
Information about Octane levels can also be found at

Dale Murcoombe said...

You bunch of whingeing idiots. Why don't you just jump on the ill-imformed fanatic bandwagon.

Ever heard the saying - "don't come to me with the problem, come to me with the solution"? What would you propose. We live in a country/world (yes many students at Parafield are not Australian citizens.... but we are all part of a golbal community) that has people who like to travel, who like to receive their mail in day rather than next week, that relies on international commerce etc. etc. and guess what? There are not enough pilots to support these industries that rely on aircraft. There are a few exceptional training centres in the world for pilots (because this is an industry where consistency in training standards in crucial) and Parafield is one of those centres.

Parafield was established in the 1920's. In the 30's it was a centre of regular transport to Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. During WWII it was used to train RAAF pilots. Parafield only became a 'secondary' airfield in the late 50's when its role changed to focus primarily on training and aircraft services.

I'm not saying that just because of it's history you should leave it alone... but that's part of it. Where else should it be? Yes part of it's benfit to students is it's location, what is wrong with that? Universities are in the cities for that reason. You probably live near your place of employment for convenience. How convenient would it be to pick Parafield up and place it down in someone else's lap. IT WAS THERE BEFORE YOU MOVED IN! It's not the fault of the pilots trying to perfect their trade that you've changed your mind about a decision you made.

AND, it's not the Governments fault. Yes there's risks... WTF do you want? You live by a major road, you live by industrial areas, you live in a high crime area, you live by an airport?!

Half of you people could live in a beautiful tree-lined quiet neighbourhood and you'd be just as fanatical over the quality of the footpaths and your neighbours trees shading your lawn too much. Thankfully sensible people don't really pay too much attention to fanatics.

It's only because I've stayed up late planning the details of my next suburb terrorising flight over your house that I'm tired enough to ramble on.

And, by the way, if you live in Salisbury/Elizabeth it's not Parafield bugging you - it's actually Edinburgh. Their airspace doesn't allow training flights over those suburbs except for a very narrow 'passageway' that leads from Parafield off-shore to St Kilda. Mawson Lakes residents might cop it.... but you knew what you were moving in to.

Dale again :-) said...

I'm not expecting the author to allow my last post... but if you have put this out there too; An email address to contact me:

Love to hear your comments :-)

Parafield Flight Training Noise said...

SPAN Moderator D:

We regularly receive material praising, criticising or even abuse this blog, but do not add new knowledge already contained within the blog’s links. Being at risk of being alleged of being too biased, above is a submission that typically encompasses sentiments of the Parafield Aviation Fraternity.

For more viewpoints please visit The Messenger News Review’s articles’ comments about Parafield at:

Prof A.V.Ater said...

To Comments from Dale Murcoombe

Very interesting to hear from one of the terrorists who regularly hoon through the skies. I know people in Salisbury who are affected and also in Salisbury Downs so yes the trainees do fly over those areas ad nauseum.They have FTA markings so it is not RAAF/ Edinburgh.Stop trying to spread lies. We don't have a problem with an occasional RAAF plane but the constant level of noise and harassment from Parafield's trainees is not going to be tolerated. Go and fly somewhere isolated where you will not affect the health of residents.

The history of Parafield Airport would remain even if the trainee pilots moved elsewhere.

montague farm said...

over the last few days, things seem to be getting louder!
Its saturday at 9am and there are 4 of them doing circles.....DO SOMETHING

Robert said...

Apart from news that the Mayor is saying that it is time for the airport to **** off (see

I think that once this current financial/economic crisis really bites, there will be fewer flights overhead as flight schools go out of business and it becomes too expensive to train to be a pilot.

DISCLOSURE: I live in Mozzie Lakes and it is 2 minutes to 11 at night and this bloody plane has been doing bog-laps in the sky for what seems like the last hour.

Fred Firth said...


For an eloquent summary of the way self-interest conspirators have manipulated the responsible Government Departments, to the detriment of Salisbury and Mawson Lakes residents, follow this link to Jon Anderson's submission to the federal government.

fred firth said...

Who read the recent letters to the Messenger about moving Parafield airport?

The letters are here:

In their paper, the News said that opinion was equally divided. Ha!

Count those individuals for and against and the statistics are:
Want the Flight School to go = 32
Want the Flight School to stay = 7

Three people said they want the Airport to stay. I imagine that most of the 32 people who want the Flight School removed, wouldn't mind if the airport stayed either, but if loosing the airport was the price of getting rid of the FTA, then so be it.

Anyone with political ambition would win the next local election by a landslide if they could identify and remove those who have caused so much distress to so many for the financial benefit of a few greedy individuals.

Fred Firth

Mike Hunt, Howards End said...

Spot on Fred,

The seat of Ramsay contains Parafield Airport, Premier Mike Rann holds this seat, although he lives in Norwood.

Anybody successfully registering to represent Ramsay before the next state election, who seriously supports the public health of Ramsay residents by campaigning to rid it of incessant flight training, will win over the current status quo.

Think about it Premier Rann, if you want to remain Premier

Doc Argus said...

Doc Argus

Very interesting material here, and it is hardly surprising that Airservices pro-aviation Cronies do not truly measure noise. Noise and adverse health effects are well known, they used noise in torture centres like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. Condoning the pollution from Parafield stinks of high level corruption protecting minority interests while betraying working taxpaying people, from their rightful amenity.

What amazes me is the fact that one individual, in Parafield’s case it is 90% likely to be an 18 to 22 year old Chinese kid learning to fly, disturbs/intruds pollutes over an estimated 50,000 Australian permanent residents per circuit – Parafield is averaging about 500 of such aircraft movements per day!!! It is sickening.

Another thing, the “Incidents” (or “Occurrences” as they like to downplay it), is actually more like 20 to 30 per week from this volume of flight training. This is known amongst those who work in that pilot licence ‘sausage factory’, but of course that do not get in the transport safety bureaus’, or anybody else’s’ records!!! said...

Parafield Airport Limited (PAL) has submitted their Master plans for public 'Consultation'.

Aussies Against Aviation Academies Over Communities (AAAAFOC) have taken a keen interest focusing on Parafield’s flying circus. They have put forward about fourty very relevant questions to PAL during their Master Plan consultation process. To our knowledge they have not received any reply that resembles a satisfactory answer. We believe John McArdle is representing PAL while corresponding with AAAAFOC.

This is hardly surprising to us. It is typical of the state of affairs in many deregulated, or outsourced responsibility and risk within Australian Governance.

Would anybody feeling dissatisfied regarding PAL public 'consultation' please share their experiences with us? We wish to collate more evidence that public consultation with PAL about Parafield Airport, is inadequate.

Please email Ramon at:

Marty said...

I've managed to take some images of aircraft overflights doing circuits using a telephoto lens. One of the craft shows its registration number on the underside of the wing partly painted over by "design" paint work. The last letter of the registration is illegible. But it just barely resolves on the computer when enhanced. Is this legal? Can aircraft owners obscure any part of their aircraft's registration number so that it can not be read?

Parafield Flight Training Noise said...

We believe displaying aircraft registration numbers is mandatory, (otherwise they wouldn't bother), and there would be design rules applicable to its viewability by the naked eye, from a certain height.
We have written to Airservices, Casa, and CASA’s aircraft registration number issuer ‘CLARC’ for clarification months ago, but what appears a typical aviation behaviour of looking after ‘their own’, have not yet received any meaningful reply…

Welcome to 2010,
SPAN Moderator B

Anonymous said...

i moved to Para Hills in 1989 and since then have had to endure the increase in aircraft noise and pollution. I have left several comments on the free 1800 number, with no reply forthcoming. Over the 2009 christmas holiday period, it was extremely noisey. I rang the free number they were on holidays, so unaware of the noise. I rang FTC and they didn't want to know me. Anyway enough of the problems we all know them who live in these areas. I am frustrated with the lack of respect we are tax paying residents are shown by the casa and ftc or the government. The skies were full of aircraft, too many every 2-3 minutes, and still are today. I believe they fly too low, too long early am to late pm with people who are on their "L's". Over houses with families living their lives. To me I am no expert on statistics, all I know is, its too noisy too close to residential properties and an accident waiting to happen. Read the headlines, Parafield Airport Air crash into the roof of some poor person's home. Hope to God, its not mine. Bec

Anonymous said...

In this location the noise is more of a nuisance than a grave matter. Since we moved here only a good three years ago, everybody would say we knew about it - not really. We knew about an airport for small planes but not about the assembly line of learner pilots. People would say we should have known, but in the suburb 17 kms away where we were, Parafield was not a matter of discussion.
I find the suggestions that people should move if they do not like it, an insult, because the strength of air and noise pollution from Parafield devalues their houses by 20 to 30 %, so it would be impossible for some people to buy a house elsewhere for what they get.

Moving the airport to where fewer people are affected would obviously be best, but I doubt it can happen before the Adelaide Airport Corporation wants to cash in on the land value, which could be a while.
Airport noise is a federal matter and complaining to police, local, or State politicians is a waste of time, because they cannot do a thing about it.

Since there will be federal elections this year, the federal members of Parliament for the area should be targetted with those complaints, about each and every event with time, photo and plane ID number as far as that is legible. Some of the planes are a lot noisier than others, and revoking these particular licenses is a reasonable demand. Those who are really affected should print out forms of complaint letters to their federal member with the suggestion to revoke that plane's license. Just fill in the time and plane's details into these forms. Then keep a list of these complaints.

When the candidates come along later in the year to get your vote, you say 'I have sent you ....... complaints, and you have not bothered to take my grievance seriously' (assuming the usual practice of not replying).
Don't go for the closure just yet, just for 'deleting' the really noisy ones. Only when the FEDERAL members have fear they will lose their seats, will there be some action.

Jesicka Jennings said...

I’m sad for newcommers to parts of Salisbury. The State and real estate agents profiteer out of a sad churn, while contributing zilch to improving the severely degraded amenity they abusively gain from. Grave matter, well, relentless imposed noise pollution sure is.

Suggesting people to move from their Community after first contributing many years creating and establishing it, for the mere convenience of a flying school, is VERY offensive. Still, local rags print offensive pro-aviation rubbish. Amazingly those small minded av-thugs are still breathing. Parafield’s surrounding Communities were established FIRST, decades before any mass foreign flight training academy! Mass flight training is the problem, hardly mentioned by friends of Parafield. Aviation, servicing local needs, is now all but displaced by foreign profiteers. Govt has ignored residents' plight since first noise and pollution complaints about Parafield’s flight training started. They either don’t care, or just don’t understand how severe the misery is living under this sort of extremely irritating noise pollution. Airport managers/operators certainly don’t want to know. Our 'Representatives' are yet to influence anything to reinstate our degraded environment. An anti flight training petition exceeding 2000 signatories was submitted to P DuncanMP ~20 years ago!

The incessant flight training noise pollution typically runs over ONE HUNDRED OVERFLIGHTS PER HOUR & IS NOT GOOD FOR ANYBODY! Even 10 disturbing overflights per hour is not just a nuisance, but for many living under flight paths is a SEVERE, CRIPPLING, easily PREVENTABLE public health problem. For many years this horrid pollution has deliberately NOT been properly measured by the 'responsible' Authorities (eg Airservices Australia). MPs are kept ignorant by Airservices & other pro-aviation/transport government Departments. A vocal profiteering corrupt minority constantly lobbies to maintain their selfish interests.

It’s true, due to the LACK of objective journalism/independent editors existing in the extensive pro-aviation ‘Murdoch-Newscorp’ China-pandering media, few know the true severely adverse effects of aviation noise pollution, (unless they live under it). That’s why SPAN, a fine group of caring people welcome all relevant material for publication about the disgusting situation around Parafield Airport. I hear SPAN’s unselfish efforts may have attributed saving Maryborough Qld from a similar fate, for now.

Hundreds of Australian Citizens have had to move out of Parafield since the 1980’s because of unmeasured pollution purely for foreign (mostly Chinese) interests’. The unbelievable rot perpetuates as Airservices with PAL & their Snot n Wankinson consultants continually try to find complex 'scientific' alternatives to NOT measure the obvious. They also do this by clouding up polluted water runnoff from the airfield, quoting ‘macrophyte studies’ instead of simply quoting pollutant concentration trends. There is a mob even claiming Heritage to grow Parafield Airport! How offensive is that to the Indigenous folk that used to thrive there! (That’s another obscured mind opening study beyond the scope of this blog)

NOBODY SHOULD BE LEARNING TO FLY OVER RESIDENTIAL AREAS, but we live in a corrupt place of plenty, attracting all the arrogant scum on earth ‘lobbying’ our ‘ignorant’ so called public Representatives to conveniently profit at our expense.

I hope the Senate Inquiry looking into Airservices identifies it as a despicable structure, systematically created to minimise aviation responsibility/compensation while destroying the home lives of thousands of Australians. Hopefully the Senate legislates recognition/compensation of the polluting aviation, and disassembles Airservices Australia. Reading the submissions, it’s clear that Airservices is a root cause perpetuating a nationwide problem, one that Airport Managers/Operators are quite happy to support.

Damn all the selfish legal filth and greedy scum involved.

Parafield Flight Training Noise said...

Submissions towards the current Senate Inquiry into how useless Airservices Australia is towards responding to suffering residents can be found here:

Go for it, this is the closest I have witnessed to our Govt taking relatively unimportant urban aviation pollution seriously..

SPAn mod M

Anonymous said...

What is interesting is that ASA complaints has been set up to stonewall victims of aircraft noise. They refuse to answer legal questions about rights. You can complain 'till the Mississippi runs dry and nothing will happen. The system is designed to fob you off. And the noise keeps on coming. I cannot stand to live in my own home any more. Thanks Jandakot and you selfish bunch of to$$ers. Have you noticed how Jandakot pilots always justify their existence in terms of Royual flying doctors, foreign exchange earnings and we were there first? Actually the Nyoongar folk were.

Mike said...

Sounds like a couple of volcanoes would be handy for you. Maybe one in Capital Hill, the other near that North Terrace King Bill St corner!

With all the hot air already there, only ash may make a difference.

I imagine how the people living around Heathrow and other airports polluting towns must be feeling atm. Their skies would be blissfully quiet for the first time in many many years! I hope they enjoy it while they can. Bout time aviation is put in its unsustainable elitist perspective.

Anonymous said...

We ended up moving after all. Within 6 years, the noise had increased exponentially that my spouse, who worked a lot from home, resorted to the occasional tranquiliser to make the noise bearable.
Fortunately, we moved to a more affluent, beach area although we do have a couple of investment properties that have not increased in value whatsoever.

Marty said...

More noise data on overflight noise

Parafield Flight Training Noise said...

Parafield Master Plan 2009 rejected,

should never have been passed in the past anyway, but have a say:

Meanwhile see what NZ considers (Airnoise boundary concept):

Pat said...

Good news for Parafield! So the Govt refused their 2009 Master plan! PAL are accused of inadequate public consultation and misleading aircraft movements and noise pollution. Surprise surprise, this is not new. Howards Govt would have passed it like Anderson did in 2004!

Only twice in Oz aviation history this happened, the first was of all places, Canberra!

I'm so pleased some regognition is happening

Led Zep said...

Hi, just letting you know the Inquiry into the effectiveness of Airservices Australia’s management of aircraft noise will report soon:

I hope the rotten scum gets recognised!

Led Zep said...

Hi, just letting you know that the Inquiry into the effectiveness of Airservices Australia’s management of aircraft noise reports soon:

Hope the rotten 'taxpayer funded' scum gets recognised!

suzanne said...

This week (21.10.10) I received a glossy colour brochure from Parafield Airport in my weekly free newspaper. They will use this as community consultation in the future (probably the new master plan) to say that residents have been consulted.

Not true becuase this noise has been imposed on us especially in Salisbury and Salisbury Downs where most of the planes depart from. We have no say - how many complaints have we put in, how many MPs and submissions do we have to send to have a peaceful existence here?

The maps at the back of the brochure show where the planes fly but they seem to omit the noise dose of thousands of planes (some are very loud and often low) and helicopters as well. This is mostly for China and middle eastern pilots so people can have cheap fares and pollute our planet.
The only good thing is that they include the complaints number for Airservices so I hope they get deluged with complaints.

Even the asylum seekers will have a better life than us if they get accommodated in the peaceful Adelaide Hills while we suffer the drone of training aircraft day and night.

Peter Janssen

Anonymous said...

I just visited Family at Mawson, and I experienced an absolutely shitty evening of hours of droning space cadets there - awful! Doubt any peace seekers want to elope there!

I am licensed to fly, but am not happy with what I see going on at Parafield, a mass licence ‘sausage’ factory, where they apparently can get a monkey a licence, given time, according to Flight Training Adelaide Pinn Ear. Their CEO Keith Morgan also knows how to fly under the radar, great cover up…

About night flying, for the instrument training, most can be done by day & is safer. Night flying around Parafield is a joke - there are lit golden bridges, Hollywood billboards & a well lit highway guiding you where to go and turn to find the lit runway in the big 'black box.'

I wouldn’t use airliners training their rookies at Parafield!

Good Luck, hopefully it’ll be nicer if I visit again

Wiki Trade Leaks said...

Hope this helps:

And good luck for Julian.

These cover-ups, along with horrid thoroughfares are all preventable. Large areas of our Cities have become ugly congested and polluted places, thanks to mediocre planning and aggressive lobbying by self-interested minority groups. Media in South Australia largely pro transport, as they are a main source of advertising revenue. Aviation ‘editorials’ are more like advertorials glamorising the jetset. Its considerably irresponsible biased and arrogant pertaining to Adelaide’s main airport. That should have been moved out over 20 years ago!

Conn Ardle boof AAAs said...

How’s that Master Plan going, they ground you down yet and slip it through for approval yet?

You realise that State & Federal hollowmen know all this and keep it from being properly and objectively measured or monitored? Its the old ‘no evidence no problem’ trick, (refined by the arseholes of lawyers). I hear that 200-300 overflights are occurring at night almost daily lately over there - flying exactly the same flight path, over exactly the same homes. I bet nobody, only the FTA operators and the unfortunate residents they pollute would really ‘appreciate’ what sort of mental assault this actually is.

I also read that Airservices & aviation cronies are again trying to cloud their own ‘group think’ reinforcing that complaint statistics are coming from a ‘small’ group. Fact is after 20 years most give up! Flying low over the exact same homes gives also a false impression of what is really going on.

What an obvious systematic load of corrupt croc this is. 1-6 individuals, foreigners at that, contribute nothing, causing so much misery to so many, year after year after year. Then again, this country has always been about the richer few screwing over the less fortunate – always.

Maybe China has more National pride in themselves and should be made more aware of the misery they cause here. Flight Training Group is registered and owned by CHINA. Its CEO Keith Morgan was trained by AUSTRALIAN tax payers’ money to train our RAAF. He knows how to run operations undetected by our current radar systems. He drove communities around Parafield insane with continuous operations of to 14 hours per day, (that’s ~2000 overflights)! His attitude was to maximise the growth of his rotten business, and is rewarded with promotions and trips to Honkers.

To summize: taxpayer funds were invested and eventually used to harm Australians, while benefitting foreign interests. It still continues, I bet FTA are on a peppercorn rent of sorts. Anybody know what rent FTA pay? Seems not only un-Constitutional bur reeks of treason. ‘Our’ Dept of trade even gave FTA an export prize, how jolly, - another insensitive insult for the local residents they pollute.

Flight Training Group still operate unmonitored circuits, everybody in aviation know this, except our MP’s which are not told this. MP’s are proudly informed about the heavily tax funded Webtrack system, but that doesn’t monitor low flying flight training operations, which constitute ~99% of all complaints about Parafield.

Its so obvious, like the horror roads going through the place that are getting worse by the day – where the pollution is also not measured!

I hear now the famed Ombudsman with maybe a rep from a MP may attend those Parafield Airport Community Consultation Crapfests (PACCC). They are run by and for the airport, and certainly not independent. They are Chaired by the same bloke who is the airports’ environmental consultant. He is not only is responsible for the nebulous noise modelling spread, but models that 400,000, or more movements per year over housing as if that is acceptable! Should bloody crazy in anybody’s book, don’t need schooling to know that!

On the face of it, the incompetence of any public representation out there is absolutely amazing.

If anybody wants to email me please write to:

and refer it for 'Ardtje'

Hope your area returns to the peaceful place it used to be, but that would be expecting justice.

Lenhard Schiagga said...

Yes Ardtje, seems akin to a corrupt fascist style odd hand-shake club .

Perhaps one should ask who funded their education (workers’ tax), pays their high salaries (ultimately workers’ margins/tax), and add Canberrians Southgate, our Federal Aviation Environmental Director, who does know more about the extra nuisance factor from droning propeller aircraft noise.

As for Parafield, Webtrak is useless for low flying aircraft with transponders off. Airservices and maybe Brent our Ombudsman probably don’t want to admit knowing what goes on at Parafield (& similar airports).

Doc Argus said...

About Parafield Airport's Master Plan:

It seems Parafield Airport Limited have asked for more time to submit their plan. They probably are working hard trying to cover up the obvious adverse effects of their preposterous proposed 400,000 movements over residential areas.

Most of the area West, (where most unessential night training flights are done), was settled ~1960’s. That was +20 years before mass flight training was imposed WITH NO community ‘conn-sultation.’. The continuous horrid noise has never been officially measured or recognised as a serious public health problem. Just as with connecting Salisbury directly to the Port, suffering residents are ignored. Both should NEVER have been permitted and are fine examples how the corrupt filth disregard hard working communities that made them wealthy. Much of that scum in power are retiring on hefty pensions, those taking their place prefer to stay ‘ignorant,’ thinking the situation as ‘normal’ and irreversible. This is NOT SO.

We urge people to stand up for themselves, and their locality.

Mike De'Runnsaway said...

Watch out for the Parafield Airports master plan - they want to get ~400,000 aircraft movements ok’d again. There is no longer, nor has been for over 10years, any vacant area around Parafield where this is acceptable. Any fool would know that. Residents first, not foreign students flying convenience! Study here, fly somewhere like uninhabited desert! Virgin flyers over our homes, bloody crazy. When they wipe a family out, the foreign business will disappear in a Hong Kong black hole. As usual, the poorer survivors will be screwed for compensation.

Deadly Maroon, lost & found! said...

Here is indeed a Deadly Maroon (as in this UK article's comment):

The aircraft was no 'Giggl,' especially if junior pilot crashed into a home!

The actual FTA's VHYTF as in this News Corp Adelaide Now link:

Notice how the 'F' is nearly impossible to see. This 'camouflaging' technique to make FTA's training aircraft registration numbers not visible has been complained about for many years. Not only do they operate in uncontrolled urban airspace, they are not tracked, monitored, measured, or identifiable from those they extensively pollute! Airservices refuse to report anything without the complete registration numbers, CASA does nothing much, yet they still are permitted to fly and get lost like this!

Another Australian News paper link from QLD on the same story:

We know that critical comments were submitted to Australian papers, but none were published in Australian papers, probably because the pilot was from a Chinese Flying school. News Corp hardly ever prints anything critical of China because News Corp/Murdoch wants to curry favor to grow their media enterprise there.

Fase Book said...

Here is another example where inconsiderate arseholes, dickheds in Govt, corporate greed & arrogance take precedence over public safety.

Anybody expressing genuine serious concerns gets threatened, sacked, and pested into years of misery writhing with their conscience. Why are we not surprised? Its because we've witnessed what a few f'n trainers are still allowed to do in residential Adelaide!

Aviation, like other huge multinational corporations (also made possible by irresponsible banking/finance) have become uncontrollable anti social monsters. They not only eat away the creative co-operative human social fabric that created them, but Global sustainable sensible thinking, & resources.

Anonymous said...

your page displays poorly. if you have a noise complaint about a plane email the details with your name to without complaints to the right people why would anything change.

Inconsiderate Arseholes said...

Gr8 boglinx - samol samol shit differnt place just th way us fatcats all ova th world wannit m8.. Fk u ordinary foks

John McArsehole-Rann-Snot Pissusoff said...

Yep, same ol same ol alright!

Every minute of sunshine, fukn planes & helicopters buzzing Salisbury from Parafield, every minute, every 5minutes, then flyovers every 20 seconds! All day & last thursday night they buzzed till 11:25PM! Almost ALL are from FTA from the Chinese Flight Training Group & their fukn diamond DA42 aircraft mechanics that fly UNDER 500 feet!!

Airservices do fuk all as usual & are too annoying to call - it takes too long & their shitty jingle pisses most pissed off complainers off - just what they want.

Julia Gillard & that Makin Zappia FW know about the noise problem but wont 'move the airport' - probably meaning they, along with Rann wont do anything. (News Review p4 May25 2011). They cant even be bothered monitoring what is really going on.

Butler's 'Port Adelaide' office handballs it a Julie Duncan who virtually achieved no change in years. The airports 'Community Consultation committee is still chaired by an aviation stooge - Russel Synnot. The 'duno how he was' appointed aviation Ombudsman is fukn useless.

Now after all that 'effort' by Duncan Parafield Garden's constituents may get moved from Port Adelaide's electorate to Makin, probably another step to achieving nothing for us residents!
Reading this blog suggests Australians have little rights when a foreign aviation want to make money. Not being able to live in your own home, or entire suburb is a big deal in most other places, and wont be tolerated.

Your run by a bunch of fukn arseholes - and to think of the sacrifices made for 'peace' here - it makes me even more sick. When is the health Dept going to have an input?

Wonder if Isobel Redmond would do anything different - at least sack the entire State transport Dept because Salisbury highway shit is just as bad, also not measured & kills every year!

Harrold said...

Get yourself & assets out of Adelaide. I left SA because of that. Much of Adelaide's amenity is sold out & largely ruined by aviation. Salisbury working people are not worthy of the sham Govt there, while their homes are devalued so others live well. I often called Rann's office and was treated as a joke. Perhaps you should add Zappia to the pissusoff list, haven't heard him say much of severe Salisbury pollution while he was Mayor! There are some ignorant or corrupt morons in the Salisbury Council too!

Hope things improve for you.

FTA inconsiderate r sole said...

Flighttrainingadelaide Inconsiderate R Soles
For nearly 3 hours some inconsiderate Flight training Adelaide helicockhed has been flying a helicopter in circles around our neighbourhood..
You may flunk by one mark, changing the course of your future because a likely foreign shithed learns to fly while buzzing & distracting your mind trying to cram as much as possible !
Airservices Australia tell our elected representatives there is no problem, because they don't measure the noise, or enforce training aircraft to have transponders active to measure it. This is not new - shame sham shame Southgate...

Meanwhile, here evidence depicting the moronic behaviour of these inconsiderate flying chimps who are subsidised to fly over our homes day and night. Our taxes at work.

Anonymous said...

Circuit training is best suited to a simulator and if your aircraft is so low over my house which is located at least 5 miles crosswind of the runway then as a student you have failed being less than 500 ft above my house would see you forced into the paddock they call it lowest safe altitude for a reason and constantly its broken here .as for the instructors teaching these students i say to you to go back and revise your engine management technique as going from full power to idle as often as you do is making me very nervous as i know your students and i am without a doubt certain you will kill not only yourselfs but residents of this area.general aviation is often a responsible community of people often very experienced so i would think you would consider adjusting to suit the concerns of your neighbours before your industry shrinks into extinction

Jesickavitall Sappia said...

Hi world,
Parafield's Master Plan scam will be knobbing up again, and some Airservices legislation is proposed, but after this morning's racket, below is something obvious to change, but hasn't. I've put it to Airservices in the form of a complaint on behalf of SPAN. I believe it is not a new issue, but am keen to witness how it might be ignored, again.

Noise Complaint Details
Complaint submitted at: 14-Nov-2011 1:05 PM
Given Name:
Surname: Sappia
Date of Concern: 14-Nov-2011
Time of Concern: 12:57 PM
Type of Call: Complaint
Comment: We would like to complain about the lack for independence in the Parafield Airport 'Community' Consultation Committee (PACC). As the publics' sole point of contact will you take action on this? Being run by Parafield Airport Management, it is Chaired by Russell Synnot, the Parafield Airport's highly paid Environmental Consultant. Russell prepares figures maximising the airports capacity, with aircraft noise survey contour plots over our residential area manipulated in a manner that it is 'conditionally acceptable' for housing, without clarification how, or including the noisiest aircraft used at Parafield in the models fleet mix while proposing +400,000 aircraft movements per year as acceptable!! Historic & current volumes of noise pollution NOT backed up with actual noise measurements during typical 100/hour flight training operations. Synnot also chooses who can be on the PACC committee. There is NO representation for residents afflicted by relentless flight training pollution. This situation is not independent and not in the spirit of the Australian Aviation Act.
To be contacted: Yes

Dr. Shar Kay said...

Escape the buzz to the beach, think again. This is not new.

Eye sore another piece if aviation PR rubbish promoting flight training courses at Parafield, in the local rag. Its disguised as shark patrol and before you know it, it our beaches could get buzzed every few minutes, with our Govt providing the funding!

Want to know what professional pilots think:

Jon said...

Dr Shar, you hit a key.

I am dismayed. While cuts are made in childcare, resources are available for frivolous flying lessons that pollute people's homes.

UniSA has financial interests in Parafield Airport. They may contract flight training to FTA, a foreign owned entity that has little regard who they fly over.

Shark patrol is a popularist cover for flight training with helicopters over visually attractive civilian areas. This practice is expensive, may have an emotive appeal disproportionate to actual effectiveness and annoyance. It leaves argument supporting flyovers every five minutes, which is a nuisance. It should not be supported from the public purse. Current technologies renders this practice unwarranted.

Shark patrol can be done in conjunction with UniSA's unmanned aircraft projects. Funds would help develop real engineering talent, skills & aerospace capabilities. DSTO also shares interests in this field.

When will leaders wake up to aviation spin?

Pilka fron FB said...

Complaint sample, not the 100 per hour at night, but proof it is almost always FTA shit that sickens us too - Pilka from FB:

Noise Complaint Details
Complaint submitted at: 22-Nov-2011 11:02 PM
Given Name:
Surname: Rotten
Street: Corrupt Aviation
Suburb: Salisbury
State: SA
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Mobile Phone:
Fax Number:
Email Address:
Date of Concern: 21-Nov-2011
Time of Concern: 11:10 PM
Type of Call: Complaint
Comment: On the 21 October the noise pollution from Flight Training Adelaide once again forced people to leave their homes in Salisbury. FTA's pilots were flying at or below 500 feet, possibly not visible from Adelaide Airport radar if they have their transponders switched to standby. This behaviour has been going on for over 30 years! It also disables them to be tracked by Webtrac. Flight Training Adelaide repetitively fly at full power over the same homes upto 5Km from Parafield airport, particularly polluting Salisbuty Downs, Mawson Lakes & Parafield Gardens where they perform low flying powered turns. We wish to register a complaint for each of these disturbing events that should not be done over residential housing: Time: 0904 Aircraft Registration number: VHYBT Flight Training Adelaide Noise Pollution: ~90dB ! Time: 0908 Aircraft Reg#: VHYBT FTA Pollution: ~95dB ! Time: 0912 Aircraft Reg#: VHYBT FTA Pollution: ~90dB Time: 0916 Aircraft Reg#: VHYBT FTA Pollution: ~87dB Time: 0920 Aircraft Reg#: VHYBT FTA Pollution: ~85dB Time: 0921 Aircraft Reg#: ? FTA Pollution: ~83dB ! Time: 0937 Aircraft Reg#: VHYBT FTA Pollution: ~82dB Time: 0941 Aircraft Reg#: VHYBT FTA Pollution: ~82dB Time: 0941 Aircraft Reg#: Helicopter - FTA Pollution: ~88dB ! Time: 0944 Aircraft Reg#: VHYBT FTA Pollution: ~84dB Time: 0945 Aircraft Reg#: VHYTF FTA Pollution: ~80dB Time: 0946 Aircraft Reg#: ? FTA Pollution: ~80dB ! Time: 0947 Aircraft Reg#: VHYBT FTA Pollution: ~84dB Time: 0951 Aircraft Reg#: VHYBT FTA Pollution: ~84dB Time: 0952 Aircraft Reg#: VHTGT FTA Pollution: ~80dB Time: 0956 Aircraft Reg#: VHYBT FTA Pollution: ~84dB Time: 1017 Aircraft Reg#: Helicopter - FTA Pollution: ~90dB ! It was was no longer tolerable to be in the area. A similar 'sortie' of Flight Training Adelaide pollution occurred at 2PM. They continued to come in after 6PM. This is truly sickening and should not be sanctioned over housing.
To be contacted: Yes

Jon said...

This letter excerpt may show how Australian & other Governments still do not measure flight training noise:

"Our understanding is that the official method of aircraft noise measurement in Australia requires aircraft transponders to be fully operational for an aircraft & noise event to be correlated as a valid measurement.
Of course, it is presumed the noise measuring equipment needs to be placed where aircraft noise is a problem.

As mentioned many times before, FTA during circuit training operations leave their transponders in 'standby' mode, disabling a noise event to be correlated for measurement,
And, the location of the noise monitoring equipment used for the Parafield aircraft noise report was in the quietest coasting part of the flight training circuit where the flight path can fan out to its widest.

Capturing only a few percent from tens of thousands of movements, it is little wonder the Airservices Parafield Noise Report was not well received by the public. We believe it was a considerable waste of taxpayer money delivering nothing of meaningful consequence. Those responsible ought to be embarrassed, people continue living in misery because of that.

The question also posed many times before, is it mandatory that during all flight training operations, aircraft transponders are fully operational? A yes or no answer would be a fine start. But there is more:

We understand that the location of an aircraft is also required to correlate an aircraft noise event for noise monitoring purposes. This means that at Parafield, the aircraft needs to be reliably 'seen' by Adelaide Airport's radar near Glenelg, located about 30Km away. Then, several (is it 6?) samples of noise (above a set threshold), aircraft location (from Adelaide radar), with the aircraft identity (from the aircraft's transponder) is made, correlated then accepted as a valid recorded aircraft noise event. I presume for the noise event to be meaningful, all samples must be made must be made under a second or two. To be sure, how long does it actually take to measure a valid aircraft noise event?
Can small flight training aircraft, flying at an altitude of 500 feet, north west of Parafield be RELIABLY tracked from Adelaide Airport's radar? Good reliability would be essential tracking thousands of noise events. Any 'glitch' will disqualify potential correlations.

We realise, as with ANEF modelling, there are many loopholes that can be abused to not record actual aircraft noise pollution. We also know that K Morgan, FTA's CEO & was its chief instructor, was RAAF trained, knows avoiding detection, and would know the answers to the above questions."

Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

Thet ahrs is an abselute arrogent fescist style pig thet wouldn't giv a fuk about residents as long he gets what he wants as a khent werking for China.

ASA Noise Measuring sham/e said...

Copping relentless 'light' aircraft noise & your 'Authorites" entrusted to care for you dont measure it? Well,

Here are four elements essential for proper objective aircraft noise measurement to current Australian Standards:
1) Transponder status for aircraft ID must be operational,
2) Aircraft height, must be high enough for ATC detection in Glenelg,
3) Noise monitor location must be under actual flight path during operations, (Airservices has refused offers for such sites)
4) Effective noise sampling time 'window', must be adequately fast to capture a fast low flying aircraft.

Airservices Australia KNOW:
1) - FTA have transponders off during circuits
2) - FTA flies at 500feet & ATC radar is at or over the horizon +30 kilometres away
3) - noise monitors were put where the circuit path its quietest & widest
4) - about 6 measurements & aircraft correlations need to be made for measurement, a fast low flying buztard may be gone by then, avoiding Airservices measurement.

FTA's CEO at the time Keith Morgan was RAAF trained & knows how to fly under the radar! Our taxes at work, yet again!

"Our' dumass 'leaders' make out they dont know this, 'coz they dont ask - so we post it. Hope you all have a nice buzfree day...

LeN said...

2012, same shit different year! Wonder if out PM Julia buzzed all day during her visit? I want to share this letter so time round, if nothing changes, the future can see all those eating public money to achieve nothing! It invites to forward to anybody interested:

Subject: Parafield Racket, with samples Complaints & accountabilities‏

FTA inconsiderate said...

If ya have trubl wit Lens link, try this

Y'think th wankers approving this sht know betta. Insted they go along with the cover-up. I c they still trying to screw Fraser Coast, and our South Coast - Aldinga!

Anonymous said...

I attempted top contact Zoe Bettison prior to her basically unopposed election regarding the airport noise & was totally ignored.
Our politions do not want to know.
Maybe it is time to setup a meaningfull action group.
Does any one have insight into the Adelaide Airport controls which was driven by residents in that area?

Anonymous said...

I tried to contact Bettison prior to the recent elections to find out what she thought about Parafield - guess what?? no interest at all!!
Len did you get any response from all the contacts you sent your email to?

Resident RAAN SPAN said...

The Parafield Airport Master Plan 2012 is available for public review.
This is not widely known, so much for meaningful 'Community Consultation'.
As far as what we see it is not very different from the past as far as pollution over our homes go. It didn't pass before, if they took noise pollution seriously, maybe it wont get passed again. Unfortunately in that case it would be, 'business as usual for FTA.' Hopefully noise gets truthfully monitored/measured/reported at the known locations where FTA extensively pollute us. Why can't residents have a 'wish-list' like Parafield Airport?

+400,000 annual aircraft movements over our homes is still being asked for! FTA is by far the largest polluter and this gives them almost unlimited permission to keep polluting us.

The only 'Community Consultation' we received is a glossy brochure showing where these movements generally will be, which is just about everywhere over Parafield's surrounding RESIDENTIAL areas! Why is this still 'uncontrolled airspace,' enabling proper monitoring to be avoided?

The flight paths depicted are so wide to reduce the ANEF noise dose modelling. This does not reflect the truth. In the real world FTA fly low, over the exact same homes. This is not reflected in any environmental documentation, and demonstrates the continuous cover up of what Residents actually endure.

The above is hardly surprising as all environmental information & complaints from Parafield are processed via Russell Synnot, the Environmental Consultant, AND Chairman of the Parafield Airport Community Consultative Committee – ongoing proof how this 'Community Consultation' sham is NOT independent. There is no representation present in the PACC Committee for Residents polluted by mass flight training. There is still no confidence in Residents' plight being taken seriously with this Committee, as has been for ~30years.

Like in other rotten airport airport proposals they announce Airport Master plans it with hardly any time for it to be widely understood by those adversely affected, & counter submissions to be considered, let alone being adopted. We are witnessing this with Maryborough QLD, where FTA wants to replicate Parafield operations over that town.

With FTA, it must be realised that almost ALL the annoyance, distress & complaints are 1-5 INDIVIDUALS incessantly flying over pre-existing suburbs at any given time. To make it worse, they are not local, not for local needs, but merely are offered the convenience of flying in an urban setting. Our MP's are allowing the importation of foreign pollution harming our citizens.

Traditionally 'Our' stupid Government/s consider this bullying and arrogant behaviour by aviation acceptable, we don't & never have. Its long overdue the truth comes out, and those responsible for harming us to be dealt with.

from FB: said...

The Master Plan for Parafield Airport 2012 has been released. There will be a public meeting at the Airport on 11th April so please attend. You get very few chances to voice your opinion on this Govt funded rort and web of lies.

PR Spin, had anther 'flying is fun' airshow spoiling Sunday - mock dog fights & six planes only feet apart , about 3Oly pool lengths high, unnecessarily risking disaster polluting our homes today! Who th fk they think they are to just go ahead & do this? South Australia's 'civil' aviation is run by arrogant fkwits.

stretch said...

Stretch has left a new comment on your post "Relentle$$ Aviation $elling '$ecurity'":

God help the residents of Salisbury, Para Hills, Mawson Lakes & all of the surrounds of Parafield Airport. Another lot of aircraft flown by uncaring people without any concern for the noise levels they create on the local residents.
If someone in a car made this level of noise they would be classed as "hoons".
The FTA just grows & grows with no controls over the noise they create & sooner or later there will be an accident over homes that were built over thirty years ago.You should all check the FTA page below where they basically brag about the lack of controls over Parafield.
Obviously the government does not want to make any comment.

Anonymous said...

A document effectively forgotten:

The House of Representatives Select Committee on Aircraft Noise (HORSCAN) conducted an enquiry between 1982 and 1985 and tabled its report on 28 November 1985, while the then 'Australian' Aviation Academy, (gradually morphing to BAE, to FTA) was entrenching itself getting virtually full use of Parafield & its unrestricted airspace. A similar process is taking place to other airfields that offer student's a particular 'lifestyle.'

The committee heard evidence on the issue of aircraft noise.

Clearly, recommendations of limiting circuit training to a minimum, and ceasing by by 10PM has been, and remains ignored at Parafield.

Also, Local, State & Federal Representatives are recommended to participate in aviation & land use policy. Residents still are being fobbed off by various relevant departments as if it is solely a federal issue. Our State MP, Conlon’s Dept. Of Transport rejects SPAN's correspondence.

Master Plan Objection said...

Download objection & information flyers here:

Its 2012 & the tyrants still impose severe pollution over the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide. This can, and always could have been maintained to a tolerable minimum, servicing local needs. The greed of a few with incompetent/stupid/ineffective public representation prevails, destroying residential amenity for mere convenience of a few at any given time.
Please feel free to present your objections. We have put together a form to save you the anguish of reading another insensitive vile arrogant piece of aviation 'PR' in the form of a Parafield Airport wish-list, also known as the 'Parafield Airport Master Plan.'

Jes SIckovit said...

Last week's public meeting. Probably because the ABC was there, with cameras, the 'bullying' practice of packing the venue with pro-aviation arrogance was not experienced as it was last time the PAMP meeting was run by the former Parafield Manager John McArdle, with PAL Environmental conn-isultant, Russell Synnot, (chaired by former AAL CEO Phil Baker)! Unfortunately after 30 years of this useless process, many residents have given up, sold up or moved out (at great personal loss, also to the Salisbury Community).

Will anything change? Our health & amenity is still sacrificed to appease China's investment. Will arrogant aviation still sicken us because they cant be bothered going to a remote locality to pollute? I bet the snakes & goannas will have more rights than us. Today, we are already continuously polluted for hours by foreign flight training FTA & UNISA.

UNI SAD & FTA wah said...

UNISA - is that sold off to foreigners too?

Qantas is sacking pilots so its not OUR industry's needs, but China's. Subsidised by muggins Oz taxpayer via the Feral Govt/State where they provide infrastructure & security to oppress local residents imposing bad health & personal loss.
IT IS AGAINST 'OUR' CONSTITUTION TO USE TAXES TO HARM CITIZENS - but who (particularly in 'transport') gives a rats about that in this country? WE cop foreigners' risky training pollution over OUR residential areas with NO community consultation for growing foreign aviation which includes a foreigner's military! Some those students polluting us today may bomb & kill innocent people tomorrow!
Will FTA polluters fudge in with UNISA for foreigners? The people of SA have no say & I agree, aviation is run by arrogant inconsiderate undemocratic scum

Residential Property Devaluation said...

Actual Property Devaluation,
excerpt from Face Book:

I'm not sure if mass flight training over suburbs is insurable, but the Federal & State Government are responsible, risk fully covered by the taxpayer, not the polluter. We cannot publish what FTA & its predecessors paid to be allowed to do this to us, but its minuscule compared to their profits. Their profits are also minuscule compared to damages & devaluation of residential property. The current master plan denies this. In 1967, a high quality new home in Parafield cost ~$11,000, in Toorak Gardens they costed about double ~$20-25000. Same home today, with significant improvements would be lucky to fetch $250,000 with the pollution in Parafield, in Toorak they auction well over a $1million - that's 4-6 times. Similar homes in well serviced areas like Salisbury, with express services from Adelaides CBD anywhere else easily fetch about $4-500,000 - about double. Whoever claims the airport doesn't degrade surrounding residential property values is an idiot - but its claimed in their plan.>>

This checks out!!

Lead V marcophyte bullshit said...

The AVGAS what is used for millions of flight training aircraft over our homes contains 4times the lead that was used in car petrol. This has been put to 'our leadershit' for years, still they behave as it is meaningless! Others dont:

I'v still to witness actual lead concentrations measured from Parafield Airport's runoff. The macrophytes Parafield Airport's environmental wnkrs talk about probably thrive on it!

Doc Argus said...

PAL's Master plan asking again for +400000 aircraft over homes is up for 'approval'

Please send any concerns to our Ministers:

because PAL do nothing except mislead the public how beneficial it is. Mass flight training destroys our community. This morning, again, areas are heavily buzzed at the rate of +100per flight training aircraft per hour by FTA. Some people become suicidal during this corrupt abuse of aviation airspace.

My submission opposing the 2012 Parafield Airport Master Plan:

The Parafield Airport Master plan considers several hundreds of thousands of aircraft movements over housing each year as acceptable.

I strongly oppose this blatant assumption. Being involved with community health I witness the misery people endure under this sort of noise pollution. It is far worse than what I experience under Adelaide Airport's main approach in the Western suburbs. Apparently 25ANEF, which covers most of Parafield & Salisbury Downs, containing several schools, represents one in five will be severely adversely affected by aircraft noise, assuming the charts are not fudged! How can this be be ever justified for what would predominately be mass flight training, for foreigners?

The noise pollution for student flight training does not justify the harm done in Parafield Airport's environs. The jobs & benefits claimed to offer the community is a blatant lie. The proposed Parafield Airport Master Plan fails to substantiate any nett benefit. The circuit training noise and pollution to my knowledge is and has never been objectively measured.

I have been involved with various residential groups about Parafield Airports flight training pollution. All the details have repeatedly been offered to various parts of Government and the harm continues. This disgraceful state of affairs seems a reflection of South Australian contemporary leadership. The 'Community Consultation' is virtually nonexistent, particularly since the airfield has been 'privatised.'

Over the years I have lost all respect to the way South Australia is managed. The noise from repetitive overflights id truly unbearable, and are all from the Flight Training Adelaide company, which is owned by China.

The amount of aircraft movements should be limited to what pollution is tolerable in urban areas according to the World Health Organisation. The actual pollution should be measured. Past experience with aviation at Parafield is that this must be dome independently, on an permanent basis, where the pollution exists at its worst. Nothing organised by PAL has any resemblance of independence.

Please reject the plan unless the noise & pollution is objectively measured & kept within community acceptable limits. We are not dealing with an entity essential fro local transport, but a ruthless foreign investment ruining community health.

Doc Argus said...

A News Review invitation, after years of complaints, our Ministers want to know 'what the public think.' Are their 'Parties or advisors morons or what?

Here we go again, no, we do not want any racket over housing, nobody does. Domestic aviation may be tolerable, like Parafield Airport used to be.
The land surrounding Parafield Airport was suitable fro residential development when aviation was for LOCAL PURPOSES ONLY - NOT not for industrial scale flight training catering for foreign interests, which is what it has become. This mass-foreign-flight training pollution was IMPOSED over several PRE_EXISTING RESIDENTIAL SUBURBS, WITHOUT ANY MEANINGFUL COMMUNITY CONSULTATION. It became a severe problem particularly at a time when Mawson Lakes land was put up for sale, otherwise nobody would buy it for residential use, let alone pay a 'premium.'
Vast residential areas are exposed to a 'modelled' 25ANEF, which covers much of Salisbury West & Parafield South. 25ANEF means 12-15% of people (including kids) WILL BE SEVERELY ADVERSELY AFFECTED BY AIRCRAFT NOISE, in one way or another! Ministers have recklessly agreed to this in the past, also without any consultation regarding the affected community or relevant public health departments!

True story, wonder if Newscorp cronies will publish

Anonymous said...

The pollies must be getting some good pay offs for this to still be going on after all these years.

I can't believe the constant buzzing from these little planes. The noise that comes from them is worse than commercial airliners.
I built my house with double glazing, sound proof insulation etc and my home is still a 'buzz' with noise. Doesn't matter who I complain too no one listens or will do anything about it.

Need to bring on the day of mass protest I think. But of course us 'northen suburbs' are all lower class people that don't deserve any better??? Thats my impression anyway.

Mawson Lakes said...

Ahhh how I love storms. The planes are grounded and there is some peace in the air. I swear after I put a couple of complaints in to Airservices Australia the planes flew lower and more frequent over my house. Is it worth going to the ombudsmen?

Anyway its a pity I have plans to go out tonight I could have used the peace and to not have to wear earplugs to bed would have been wonderful.

Mawson Lakes said...

Another incident at Parafield today. Nothing huge one of the old war planes ( which I have no problems with )had issues and the fire trucks were on the scene. I bet nothing will be reported though. However the FTA continues to fly around them as if nothing has happened changing the runways inflicting even more unnecessary noise on residents.

Anonymous said...

MOre noise, master plan approved.

Pissed off Aussie Shift Workers said...

After working all night catering for the hoi-polloi Melbourne Cupsters, & retiring at 4AM to be woken by some arrogant inconsiderate arsehole fukwit from Flight Training Adelaide droning low fly circuits over my house, starting at ~7AM, & I live miles from the fkn Parafouled Airport...
Yes, another beautiful 'perfect' sunny day, fkt up by a few foreign students learning to fly over OUR RESIDENTIAL AREAS, all day, still buzzing now after 11PM! FUK U FTA, AIRSERVICES & ARROGANT AUST AVIATION FUKWITS.
FOREIGNERS POLLUTING US: FUK OFF BACK TO WHERE YOU LIVE, fuk off & see if your shithead leaders allow this over your own people, just FUK OFF away from polluting OUR residential space, FUK OFF, we are sick of it.... & fk u facebook blokkn us..

Chris Day said...

Hi, its Sunday afternoon and we have just returned home from Parafield Gardens. A huge loud thumping red & white (MAC or Wespac?) helicopter buzzed our service, annoyed and disturbed our Sunday commemorative luncheon today. It circled several times below 500 feet, so loud you can feel it! It was awful, and over the entire neighbourhood. Why?

I agree with all complaining about aviation noise pollution when it has nothing to do with servicing transport needs of local community. The unfortunate local residents (some have lived there 50years) say it never used to be like this, and said "I its not foreign students flying, its some 'inconsideranus' just having having fun."

Airports should never be inside cities, it is always very bad and a poor use of urban land, they should be moved out.

Pat Bromball said...

Visiting family for Sunday lunch in Parafield Gardens & and again arrogant pilots using Flight Training Adelaide planes decide to buzz circuits over family homes every few minutes, probably all foreign students, and are flying under clouds 500 feet or less!
VH-YBR buzzed us at these times: 11:25, 11:30, 11:34, 11:39, 11:41, 11:46. 11:50, 11:53, 11:57,
VH-YBV and VH-YBS buzzed us at times: 11:41, 11:51, 11:56, 12:01, 12:05, 12:10, 12:13
and its still going. Nobody should have to put up with this in their own homes, it is plainly disgusting!

Anonymous said...

It's 10.20pm on Boxing Day and I'm in my lounge room trying to watch TV. The screen doors are open because it's a warm night. Every couple of minutes since 8 pm a plane flies over my Mawson Lakes house, drowning out the sound of the TV. This will go on, like most nights, until 11pm. HOW CAN THIS BE ALLOWED!! I've already made the decision to sell up and get away from this hell hole of a place.

Plane sick of it.

Al Benaisi said...

The noise is not allowed, just it never is measured or reported, so they claim they 'have no evidence' of a problem.
Imposing all the Port freight traffic through Residential Salisbury is done the same way, pollution is just not measured, residents are ignored.
Moving & shutting up is just what they want, running a disgusting, & naturally illegal 'policy' to "develop a noise tolerant area!!"
That is not acceptable, unessential business related aviation like flight training should be subject to any other commercial/industrial noise regulations.
Keep in touch & protect your privacy, you can get targeted by these arrogant pro-flying bastards.

Flighttrainingadelaide RSol said...

Flighttrainingadelaide Inconsiderate R Soles
For those wanting more information on noise & kids, herz a presentation, hopefully th bullshit 'Student/University' irony wakes up, older teenagers learn flyn while harming our local kids, spread the word:

from the FB flighttraining R Sol said...

As the FTA/UniSA shit ramps up for 2013, a question for Cabinet, hot of FB gone more public:
How r we today - most annoyed as yesterday by mostly FTA R Soles. Buzzed all morning so that foreign students can walk out of their fleabunkers, to the tarmac & pollute OUR city - their 'lifestyle' ruining ours, & that's about it! UNFKNBELIEVABLE, but true, & encouraged by OUR taxes! This is how migrants are treated in this corrupt bankrapped State.
Mark Butler, you & Zappia allow this by approving 450000 flights over your constituents, how on earth can you represent mental health? Many hard working aged citizens are suffering here too, we need you as the rotten State Govt has never done anything for us!!

SPAN Moderator B said...

For the small-minded arrogant aviation parrots that try and swamp this blog with the same simplistic pro-aviation rubbish, don't bother seeking publication unless you have something new and meaningful to say. We represent thousands of people, including those who HAD to move out due to NON-LOCAL flight training pollution. Complaints were running at +300 per quarter from ~60 DIFFERENT complainants. Proper logging of ALL complaints has only occurred since about 2003, but the relentless foreign noise pollution has been going on for decades AFTER the area was populated. Parafield & West Beach were to be relocated to appropriate locations. The airports were 'leased/sold' for 99years for ~350million, polluting & devaluating tens of thousands of homes, by billions of dollars in Salisbury alone! As usual, this was done without community consultation, while Adelaide was swamped by the most pathetic pro-aviation propaganda by its ar-sole Newscorp newspaper. Any accusation of this blog as biased should read what is published in aviation Newscorp blogs.

It is essential that information how aviation pollution at Parafield remains 'covered up' with the help of Airservices Australia is readily available to elected representatives. This blog and its links exposes a systematic deliberate exercise for an arrogant minority to corrupt & impose their profiteering activity while harming & oppressing many others.

SPAN moderator B said...

For the small-minded arrogant aviation parrots that try and swamp this blog with the same simplistic pro-aviation rubbish, don't bother seeking publication unless you have something new and meaningful to say. We represent thousands of people, including those who HAD to move out due to NON-LOCAL flight training pollution. Complaints were running at +300 per quarter from ~60 DIFFERENT complainants. Proper logging of ALL complaints has only occurred since about 2003, but the relentless foreign noise pollution has been going on for decades AFTER the area was populated. Parafield & West Beach airports were to be relocated to appropriate locations. Instead the airports were 'leased/sold' for 99years for ~350million, to cover a corrupt State's debt while polluting & devaluating tens of thousands of homes, many billions of dollars in Salisbury alone! As usual, this was done without community consultation, while Adelaide was swamped by the most pathetic pro-aviation propaganda by its ar-sole Newscorp newspaper. Any accusation of this blog as biased should read what is published in aviation Newscorp blogs.

It is essential that information how aviation pollution at Parafield remains 'covered up' with the help of Airservices Australia is readily available to elected representatives. This blog and its links exposes a systematic deliberate exercise for an arrogant minority to corrupt & impose their profiteering activity while harming & oppressing many others.

Anonymous said...

Media Mind Bot said...

I dont know if this facebook link works, but its spot on about the crap media in Adelaide:

The Govt knows 'Democracy,' (as we theoretically understand it), is under severe threat by the likes of Murdoch. We have witnessed that in South Australia & was much aggravated since they took over The Advertiser. The pro-aviation shit they print, or more what they DON'T publish, is testimony to how a stupid minority are played to secure easy mass-profits using aviation to leaching any value what was once public land, which become very valuable since the city has been 'forced' to grow around it! The bastards are too happy to destroy the quality of life for many thousands of families they encourage to pollute! Then again, aviation was used to incinerate millions of defenceless people anyway!

Anonymous said...

A planes crashes at the parafield airshow and the pilot dies. This didn't stop the FTA from flying. Show's how much they dont even care about another pilot losing his life, it's just business as usual.

Why are these sort of events even held in residential areas? Why cant they move this noisy polluting airport somewhere else.

Air services are just retards who get paid to do nothing. The Aircraft Noise Ombudsman is worse. Is there anything that can be done about these pieces of shit destroying the area in which we live?

Anonymous said...

In addition to the above crash. Another incident at parafield. Hang on did I read it right? "The plane has been circling for about 15 minutes to dump fuel" Over peoples homes?

Thanks useless government for allowing this, thanks a lot.


Autumn again, beautiful weather, first-time flyers start revving up more.
Worked all night and get sleep interrupted again by bloody flying schoolies not from here. Mixed meddle-y of FTA r soles this late morning, including helicopters, buzzing vast residential areas! Why? Because the shit-for-brain dickheads running this City-State have their heads so far up each other's arses they cannot hear, or want to hear anything! A lot of Adelaide is written off by aviation pushing its own barrow of polluting shit. They wake us up alright, we understand what all colonised inhabitants have to put up with. Airfields should NOT be polluting housing! Housing was APPROVED with LIMITED/ESSENTIAL aviation operations, with the vision of airfields being moved! What really happened is the opposite where we suffer due to a CORRUPT STATE, and a CORRUPT AVIATION STRUCTURE 'advising' Ministers for money owed by others. Taxpaying Workers sold out again, by effluent arseholes.
David Southgate, and Russel Synott, 'environmental consultants' as far as we know failed truthfully modelling noise, and properly informing Ministers the true effects of noise pollution from Parafield Flight training on human health. They consider 400,000 'movements' over housing as acceptable!!
Arseholes like this indirectly get paid by those they pollute, aided by corrupt Governments. Bami Baltiland

Dick Virgin said...

Richard Branson, visits Adelaide, so the PR scum & pro-aviation stooges Ch9, all responsible for spinning Parafouled with as a good thing, while thousands of AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS get buzzed out to their minds by foreigners learning to fly. They used Branson smiling schmog to paint Flight Training Adelaide as a wonderful thing for Virgin – presenting the racist white anglo Caucasian image, distorting reality yet again... If Branson only knew what they were really doing, if his pr wankers only researched “parafield airport noise,” he wouldn't look so stupid & arrogant to us. If he gloated FTA amongst the residents that the foreign owned entity FTA has severely polluted damaged, that coat-hanger would be kicked out his fkn mouth, teeth & all!

Keith Morgan said...

Aviation, amongst the most undemocratic arrogant polluter & indiscriminate mass-murderer

while Australian family homes are polluted to illness, suicide & PTSD, flight training even encouraged by Govt subsidies towards this end!

Keith Morgan said...

Aviation, amongst the most undemocratic arrogant polluter & indiscriminate mass-murderer

while Australian family homes are polluted to illness, suicide & PTSD, flight training even encouraged by Govt subsidies towards this end!

Anonymous said...

Hi folks,

I note a few complaints about registration markings being obscured.

You might like to know that CASA abolished the requirement for Australian-registered aircraft, except ultralights, to display their registration on the underside of the aircraft about ten years ago. They now only have to carry 15cm-tall markings on either side. You can expect to see those under-wing marks disappear as FTA re-paint or replace their fleet over the coming months and years. You will then find it more difficult to identify anyone you think is breaching flying regulations.

Airservices Complaint Shame said...

Thought I'd share the Airservices Shame
You are certainly not alone.

to lodge a complaint:

Airservices Australia noise monitoring at Parafield is a sham too - never tracked most FTA circuit training, source of all complaints!

Parafouling Virgin Australia? said...

Its getting disgustingly unbearable again, MP's do nothing, local ones wont even witness it for themselves! Is Virgin Australia doing Salisbury over atm?

Parafouled TPP example said...

This has been going on for a long time,
but the covering up of the most obvious has woken us up how little our right to health & amenity is valued, if valued at all, by all tiers of Australian Government to cater for the whims of foreign interests!

shawngy said...

I read many posts related aviation fields but this different to other after read this post i found my answers.

SPAN moderator B said...

Yes Shawngy,
its because industries like Aviation rely heavily on marketing, spin & 'PR' to get away with what they do. Adelaide has an appalling media, yet Ministers living in places with good amenity, like Alexander Downer 'justify' their ignorance of such issues quoting them, 'not being in the papers!' The rest of them are not much better in South Australia's & Canberra's aviation infrastructure Departments, which I shall name their 'Environmental Director, David Southgate, who knows propeller noise is twice as irritating/damaging to human sanity as the sound of a jet, and FAILS to enlighten Ministers of this truth, so they can accept very dodgy noise modeling (that does not reflect the reality) from Parafields Environmental Consultant, Russel Synnot 'demonstrating' that 450.000 aircraft movements over housing is 'conditionally acceptable.' Synnot also Chairs the 'Parafield Airport Community Consultation Committee, which he selects & residents have NO confidence in. Synnot & John MaCardle, the airports spokesman/manager also refuse to table anything related to human health & noise, wanting to deny there is a problem. These are plain facts, that along with objective noise dose measurements, especially when they fly 100-120 per hour, never get to see the light of day. MP's living in reasonable amenity have NO idea what the reality of 'life' is for those they impose noise/pollution on at Parafield.
This is the sad case for many deceived to build their homes in Salisbury, thinking it would be protected from a corrupt planning & infrastructure. The Port Connector is a similar story, but that caters for many thousands of local commuters daily, flight training caters for one to eight individuals at any given time.
The details linked to this blog are years of shared effort & as factual to the best of our knowledge. Its a testimony how a few can can impose so much harm, for so little, and get away with it WITH GOVERNMENT SUPPORT! Feel free to share, its a problem wherever they go. Its also how corruption has undermined a quality of life that used to be respected.

Pinnear Morgan said...

Known this for decades, yet SAdelaide scrooze us all the way, all on credit to be paid off by minerals & muggins working here:


Just a reminder pasted from flighttrainingadelaide r sols on facebook:

Typical greed in motion again,
public holidays, nice weather, 1800 802 584 complaints office shut, so FTA arseholes creep up flight operations, even with helicopters. Starts 30 mins every morning, then 40, today over an hour, then these sets will creep to few times per day. They have buzzed us up more than 14 hours straight! Thats over 1000 overflights in a day from 7AM to past 11PM, thanks to Keith Morgan wanting to be another dickhead CEO for tax & liability dodging Hong Kong investors. People like Russell Synnot & J McArdle wont recognise noise as a problem. Synnot also is involved with other Ports seeking inadequacies/loopholes to cover up harmful environmental reality for money so he can fund his estates & lifestyle to live extraordinarilly well. Some of us will NEVER FORGET bastards like you!

Will publish more names once proofs defending libel action are cleared. Happy & healthy 2014 to you all.

2AM Ground Thrash said...

Parafouling crew are testing engines at 2AM this morning, disturbing peoples' sleep for kilometers around. Is this an emergency situation, or another ongoing thing they fail to tell anyone about?
After decades of blatant arrogance, the same goons create & award themselves a 'National' prize for 'Community Consultation.' Nobody asks, 'The Community!' More self-promoting PR bullshit & spin. Usual aviation arrogance is an Amazing dis-Grace.

Rot Sinott said...

FTA flying Helicopters over us most evenings this week till about 11PM?
This Morning two Warbirds in close formation shaking us?

I thought Helicopter flights over residential areas ARE TO BE KEPT TO AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM! They often go along the Salisbury Highway, as if those poor folks living there are not polluted enough! The freight along that hellway can easily be bypassed too, but no. Why not?

These are amongst the noisiest flying contraptions at Parafield, are they taken into account of Russel Synnots fudged Noise Modelling, that nobody seems to scrutinize or understand? Those driven insane they fly over know its utter bollocks. 450,000 aircraft movements 'OK' over housing, that's insane.

Who do they think they are?

We're sick of these arrogant operators.
Salisbury would be much better off with that moved way out of anybody's living space.

Parafield Flight Training Noise said...

SPAN moderator TG to Rot S:
Yes, the HORSCAN guidelines that FTA ignore concurs with helicopter use over urban areas to be kept at an absolute minimum. Formation flying over urban areas should never be not permitted, it is an unnecessary added risk.
We are unaware of Warbirds included in the noise modeling fleet mix for Parafield, so most likely its not included.
Two overpasses per minute helicopter overflights would not be included in their noise modeling, they will exceed their WHO daily noise dose recommendations in 5 minutes!
Concise details about crucial noise modeling parameters like flight width paths/spread have never been forthcoming to us from Parafield Airport management, or its consultant, Russell Synnot. We understand their ANEF noise modeling can be manipulated to get almost any outcome desired. Their noise modelling ignores the FACT that piston engine propeller aircraft noise is twice as annoying as an equivalent level of jet engine aircraft noise. Hope this helps you understanding what sinful rot is going on.

Anonymous said...

Anyone noticed a sudden increase in the circuit training over Mawson Lakes? From not much to constant, loud, for hours, waking up my kids!!!

Parafield Flight Training Noise said...

Yes, helicopters were doing circuits till usually 10.30PM most nights.
1800 802 584 to register complaints, if you have the exact time, see if they can identify the polluter. No need to offer personal info, that goes to the Airport & FTA (who cause almost all noise complaints) and have buzzed some complainants for 12hours a day, every day!
Supposedly there are now better noise monitoring process in place (25years too late).
SPAM moderator Chris

Tony Abbott's Coalition email from SPAN said...

Anzac Day 2014
Sacrifice for peace, yet foreign investment harms us Australians. Aviation couldn't even maintain a minutes silence when commemorating the fallen in Adelaide.

An open Letter to all relevant current Ministers after another noisy week, as it will take a while before they 'officially' are informed of any problem:


Subject: Assisted Foreign Investment harming Australians
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2014

It has taken many years of complaints, changes in Government, a Senate Inquiry into Airservices Australia, and much more to get some ‘official’ recognition of a serious public health problem here. I reiterate that ~100 training overflights per hour all day from 0730 till 2300, over family housing was commonplace under the same management currently at Parafield Airport. Even 15 overflights per hour is annoying enough, easily achieved by ONE individual flying circuits. 8 flyers at a time in one circuit are still permitted, overflights every 20 seconds over housing are commonplace. Training circuits directly go over several thousand homes, the noise footprint many thousands more. 450,000 aircraft movements over ‘unrestricted airspace,’ over housing is still ‘approved,’ on the basis of unrealistic dubious aircraft noise modeling sourced by Parafield’s Environmental Consultant, Russell Synnot, that also Chairs, and selects the Committee in Parafield Airport’s Consultative Committee (PACC) farce.

We fear their ‘business model’ relying on omission of objective measurement, dubious noise modeling, & ineffective complaint mechanisms, is considered acceptable at Parafield Airport, and be adopted by others.

The purpose of writing is, since the Coalition gained government, the flight training noise over residential areas around Parafield Airport has increased, beyond what the World Health Organisation would consider acceptable. Residents are sick of the relentless push by mass-flight training operators profiteering at the expanse of our health & well-being, and would be happy to see Parafield airfield redeveloped as something else.

We wish to ask, what is now, or going to be in place, to monitor the actual aircraft noise & pollution from Parafield Airport, capturing ALL it’s relentless flight training? The way Airservices Australia’s and the Airport’s complaint system works, you may not realise there is an increase of complaints till one or two seasons later.

Many residents in this ever-degrading polluted environment cannot move, are tortured and poisoned by relentless noise and pollution, which is easily preventable. We are all better off without Parafield Airport. The Airport makes far more money out of commercial leases on airport land than anything to do with aviation.

It concerns us that Ministers are not presented with the full facts and adverse consequences. For many years, complaint stats are manipulated by Airservices Australia to downplay the awful truth, while trying to claim it is only a few complainants. We have the evidence of ~300 complaints per quarter from at least 50 identifiable different complainants, with ~50 complaints remaining anonymous. That is a lot, given that many have long given up complaining.

Noise, especially the high-energy low frequency varying drone of passing propeller aircraft impairs and sickens approx 20% of people, and that includes innocent children.

What is done in the name of so-called ‘progress’ in Salisbury is plainly disgusting. Every attempt imaginable is done to stymie gathering the evidence of a serious problem here. Leadership should be aware of this, but little gets done to stop the worsening environment in this ‘residential’ area. The concept of ‘sacrificing a few lives’ for some ‘greater good,’ is a dangerous, anti-social fallacy.

CASA workshop at pub 2mo said...

Messenger News Review Wednesday May 7, 2014, p16

"Flying safety

An air safety workshop is being hosted by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority at the Mawson Lakes Hotel at 6.30pm tomorrow (Thursday, May 8). Topics include avoiding airspace infringements, flying at aerodromes without air traffic control towers and navigation requirements."

Knowing that some heavily FTA polluted areas do not get the paper till tomorrow, great notice Mr CASA. Ask them about turning off transponders to avoid detection and what is in place to stop/police this.

FTA ATC bum budys said...

If an aircraft has a transponder, it should be turned ON.
FTA has had its transponders OFF when doing its mass circuit training. Apparently it is a 'local agreement' with Air Traffic Control. This is amazing, considering passenger jets circle around Salisbury and Parafield with proximity warning systems that rely on transponders being on. When Airservices Australia last monitored aircraft noise, transponders had to be on to measure an aircraft noise event, they knew FTA had them off, so did not measure them, the source of 99% of complaints!

Unbelievable, but its a fact. That is how inconsiderate aviation with its mass flight training out from Parafield is.

Anonymous said...

Budget - close Parafield, sell the land, profits will build many airstrips elsewhere for flying shit. Salisbury's housing stock will appreciate $20-40 Billion, health amenity & what greatness that contributes is unmeasurable !!
Sound economic & responsible sense, but still it stays driving Australians insane. There is no reason good enough for it to remain.
Fuk u FTA & UniSA, buzzing at 2-3 per minute tonight.

Budget & Treasury - Look Here!!!!! said...

Sell Parafield Airport, that will balance any budget. Nobody here wants it, and we are all buggered to know how it remains to pollute & damage our health while devaluing Salisbury's real estate by about 20-30Billion dollars! (yes, good brick tile houses sell for already depressed land value). Its a grossly inappropriate use of urban land that also causes great road congestion all around it, devaluing & polluting residential Salisbury even more. Selling Parafield will actually benefit many thousands of people as well as balance budgets.

Raskel Synnot & Young McArsol said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Raskel Snott with Young McArsols said...

Appealing to all MP's capable of rational thinking beyond Aviation's spin:
Sell Parafield Airport & develop the land. It will make the claimed M$7.5 'loss' to our region by the Budget look like peanuts. Its never been more appropriate to finally do this as now, with GMH & its suppliers going down.
Parafield Airports' potential land value will pay for appropriate re-location many times over. It will rid residents once and for all the relentless noise & games played to keep reality form being reported, or truthfully measured keeping FTA R Sols going so the rich can keep their toys there.
Developing the area will provide thousands of jobs;
Provide housing where it is more needed;
Will alleviate the misery of relentless flight training noise;
Will reduce the dangerous congestion along the Salisbury Highway, Main North & Bridge roads;
Will reinstate the real value of our homes, freeing up capital to stimulate the local economy further;
and much more..
We fail to see how such an inappropriate use of land can continue for so long. Don't believe the rubbish put up by the Airport, it already makes substantially more income from non-aviation related commercial leases. Training capability in case of war is now also long redundant.
Please, wake up, so we can have uninterrupted sleep!

Anonymous said...

Windy today. So the planes are screaming at the top of there lungs trying to fly against it. Who cares about the people living around them. Anyway after complaining to airservices and ANO nothing changes, its all about protecting the airport. Thought you would like to read just one of the respnes I got from ANO.

Anonymous said...

Aircraft noise
As you also noted, at Parafield there are some aircraft that are noisier than others although they are flying the same circuit and my office has received a number of similar complaints.

I met with Parafield Airport and flight training school representatives in May this year to discuss what could be done to improve the noise outcome. One of my senior advisers also attended the Parafield Airport Consultative Committee meeting on 24 May. The following provides an update from the meetings.

Both the Airport and the flight training school operators are aware of the noise concerns in the community. They have noted that the twin-engine aircraft operations are particularly disturbing for some residents. They have been looking at ways to improve the noise outcome, even if improvement is only practical at the margins.

There are a number of factors that are likely to have contributed to a change in the experience of aircraft noise in the community, particularly from the twin-engine aircraft. These are:

1. Replacement by Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) of the engines on seven aircraft with noisier engines. This change was necessary because the original engines experienced a number of 'uncommanded shutdowns' (meaning that the engines cut out while in flight without warning). The change of engines was necessary for safety reasons.

2. In 2010 an incident on landing led to a change in arrival procedures that has resulted in the twin engine aircraft flying in at 'full-fine pitch' setting from earlier in the circuit. As I understand it, 'full-fine pitch' is a change to the angle of the propeller blades, necessary for landing, that also requires the engine to be operating with more thrust. The safety change is to make sure that all settings necessary for landing are in place earlier in the landing approach, but the result is more noise (or a different type of noise) from both the propeller and the engine earlier in the circuit. Homes near the end of the circuit will get this extra noise and, given the variation in circuit patterns, that covers various areas around the airport.

3. Increasing numbers of students have meant that FTA is doing more twin-engine training now than ever before.

The operators and Airport are actively looking for opportunities to improve the noise issues at the airport. These changes include:

1. Amending the Fly Friendly Program - this is a voluntary code of conduct for the operators. It is designed to reduce the impact of operations on the community. Under the new Program, operators try to limit their circuit training activities to finish earlier in the evenings when possible (by 10pm on weeknights and by 9pm on weekends) and starting later on Sunday mornings by half an hour (i.e. starting after 8.30am). Circuit training will also be restricted on key public holidays, including no circuit training on Christmas Day or New Year's Day, and on Anzac Day circuit training will not start before 9am.

Anonymous said...

2. Working with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to explore whether the circuit arrival procedures can be amended so that the change to full-fine pitch occurs later in the circuit (while still meeting safety requirements), reducing noise. I understand that only preliminary discussions have been held between the operators, CASA and the Airport on this matter, but I am hopeful that something may come out of this.

These are changes at the margins, but every change is a step towards better balancing the impacts on the community with the business demands of the operators. I wish to emphasise that my role is not to be an advocate either for the community or for the industry, and I can see the pressures and impacts on both sides. While for the community, these changes may seem to be too limited in their benefit, they are significant concessions from an industry that is projecting growing demand and that is very competitive. I believe the proposals have been made in the spirit of improving community relations.

Noise monitors
Finally, I would like to comment on your request for external monitoring of noise. My own view is that this would only confirm what we already know, that is, Mawson Lakes is an area with significant noise. I do not believe that this is in dispute, so having the noise monitor installed would not achieve any change. You also suggest that, following your complaints, the noise seems to have increased. I think this is likely to be coincidental, as air traffic control do not provide any specific track navigation guidance beyond advising which circuit pattern an aircraft should pursue.

In summary, given your close proximity to the airport, the alignment of the runways and the predictable manner in which air traffic needs to be managed, I am sorry to say I do not see any possible options to reduce the noise exposure in Mawson Lakes in the short-term. I do however believe in being totally honest with you so that you may consider how you wish to manage the noise issues you are experiencing.

I will pass on to you any future updates we receive about improvements, however small (unless you advise me otherwise). I will also follow-up on the proposals above and any other options for reducing the noise, even if they will only make a minor difference.

Parafield Flight Training Noise said...

Thanks for the updates, but we heard that rhetoric for decades. More jobs & income is derived from non-aviation related activities, yet anything is done to keep the rot going. As long as PAL's Consultant, Synnot chairs & selects the 'Consultative Committee' there is no confidence in their in-bred 'Community' meetings.

The noise problem is not only in Mawson Lakes, its in Salisbury East, Downs, Parafield Gardens, and anywhere they repetitively fly, many kms from the strip. Its never been measured, they know, and actively avoid it, traditionally by not flying where measurement is taking place, but also by turning transponders off preventing automated noise-aircraft correlation.

Over the past few years, more major airlines fly, and circle over Salisbury, while flight training simultaneously takes place, with transponders off! That apparently is a 'local arrangement' with ATC. This renders anti-collision systems mandatory on jet aircraft useless over Salisbury. But who polices this? Not CASA, and they are supposed to be about safety.

Permanent noise monitors where most of the noise is, that measure all noise events, (irrespective of transponder status), in several locations will eventually monitor what actually goes on. Nothing else has worked, I wonder how the 100/hour flight operations will be covered up this time. The noise modelling is a farce, misrepresenting the true noise along actual flight paths.

We are sick of it. Peoples' needs are universal, to be able to live in a healthy place, our homes protected from polluters. That was the case when land was surveyed for residential use, 30years before mass-foreign flight training was introduced at Parafield.

Salisbury's Community needs decent duty of care exercised from elected representatives. It is also long overdue for better through routes easing current congestion along the already too dangerous polluted Salisbury Highway and Main North Road. Jobs developing and servicing more residential land closer to town would benefit us all. Its long overdue that the airport should be closed up & moved out.

Warren Trussty Zappia steroids' Butler serving not Salisbury's Health, said...

From 4 FTA buzztards per minute to a FTA buzztard every 4 minutes, polluting our homes under 500feet, polluting most of our suburb, torturing our minds and damaging our mental health, for most of the day, or any other time the sun shines, even if its for 20minutes!

This is unhealthy for anybody to put up with. There is NO justification for it here.

Flight Training Adelaide is foreign owned, catering for hundreds of foreign students. That is foreign investment, directly harming us while degrading our residential areas.

What are you doing about it Mr Zappia? You have been in representing 'us,' for so long, watched the foreign flying schools grow, destroy people, destroy families, damage our kids' academic potential, all in their own homes, yet your Office still snubs off suffering residents.

When is somebody going to do something about this? Calling Airservices Australia on 1800 802 584 has become an arduous mind-insulting process, try it a few times. It seems futile complaining to them anyway, after thousands of complaints about Parafield Flight training, almost all is from Flight Training Adelaide & UNISA, they still pollute at will.

This does not justify Parafield Airoprt to remain an airport, it is a grossly inappropriate use of land in the midst of our city, where the most undemocratic arrogant few cause that do not even live here cause loss to many thousands of Australians.

So what if Parafield airfield was there in 1927, it should have shut in 1957 when Adelaide grew around it! Close it so polluters can be a nuisance over their own place.

Shut Parafield Airport Now said...

Remembrance Day today, and it mat be noticed these arrogant foreign ignoramuses again insist to pollute Salisbury, while we commemorate the fallen for 'peace.' So much for a minute's silence, we did not even get that. With all the blood shed in China's history, Chinese owned FTA and their hundreds of students wouldn't even take the opportunity to reflect upon that!

If this is of concern, please register complaints to Airservices Australia on 1800 802 584. If in uncontrolled airspace around Parafield Airport, we recommend not disclosing complainants' details from complaints as the information goes to the perpetrators, which have exercised deliberate harassment by targeted operations.

Please, also me mindful of Aviation's extraordinarily aggressive Public Relations machine consistently using every opportunity attempting to glorify themselves.

Just FYI, we have contacted all relevant MP's, and still have no evidence justifying keeping Parafield Airport land vacant for relentless unmonitored flight training, or even as a secondary airport.

Matt Butler's Zappia Orifice said...

Airservices Australia refuse to register more than one complaint a time for multiple complaints. They will not even provide a reference number for complaints issued.

It seems like since the Coalition got in power, its back to abusing all methods to not record the reality of the sheer nuisance caused by hundreds training flights over houses several times a day. That is Chinese investment for mostly Chinese students for you. It is truly sickening.

Sadly it seems our local Members are impotent members believing Parafield Airport bullshit sucking on Chinese medicine at Salisbury's health expense. Who in their right mind would ok 450,000 aircraft movements over housing as acceptable, based on unscrutinized noise modeling supplied by the Parafield Airport?

They laugh at our MP's ignorance, or what is really going on? After all these years, there is still nothing in place to measure the insane noisy reality. Why? Like the heavy freight pollution put through Salisbury, the very people that are supposed to protect Australian people, do not want to know.
It is a sheer disgrace. They prefer covering truth up instead.
They all should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Google chemtrail spraying in adelaide or join south australia against chemtrails on facebook, parafield airport is being use by tony abbott and american gov to spray us all like bugs, please do some reaserch: what in the world are they spraying, protect yourself, from mercury poisoning chemtrail poisoning, look up the sky is poisoned, please tell everyone. Pray for a miricle sandy said...

Did you enjoy the old & new year break?
Bored maybe lonely foreign students amused themselves circuit flying over peoples homes every day, and night, except Christmas & New Years Day, where presumably most were likely to be too intoxicated to fly.
Flight Training Adelaide's mate at Airservices Australia conveniently disabled the only telephone complaint system for the entire Christmas holiday break, keeping the complaint numbers down.
FTA students have been seen filming other in adjacent low and close flying planes over homes! This is clearly another accident waiting to happen.
Every dirty low trick imaginable is used to cover up what is actually taking place.
Foreign flight training is out of control, and its volume is way beyond what is acceptable for any suburb. FTA and Adelaide Airport management cannot be trusted to respect public health.
Parafield airport is a wasted space that harm surrounding neighborhoods because of relentless flight training. Parafield Airport would benefit our city if it moved away.
Parafield Airport should have been closed many years ago.

Headjob Rob Jones with Penis Pine Pienaar said...

Airservises shuts up its after hours phone complaint registering service, which includes public holidays and holidy breaks like Christmas.

We have the video recordings what happened last Christmas:

DSCN2127 - FTA Beech.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 07:27:28 CST
DSCN2128 - FTA DA42.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 07:30:22 CST
DSCN2131 - FTA DA42.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 07:36:20 CST
DSCN2133 - FTA Beech.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 07:39:46 CST
DSCN2134 - FTA formation pair.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 07:39:18 CST
DSCN2135 - FTA DA42.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 07:41:50 CST
DSCN2136 - FTA DA42.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 07:42:56 CST
DSCN2138 - FTA DA42.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 07:46:48 CST
DSCN2139 - FTA Beech.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 07:48:18 CST
DSCN2140 - FTA DA42.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 07:50:50 CST
DSCN2141 - FTA Helicopter.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 07:51:28 CST
DSCN2142 - FTA Beech.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 07:52:40 CST
DSCN2143 - FTA DA42.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 07:54:58 CST
DSCN2144 - FTA Beech.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 07:57:02 CST
DSCN2145 - FTA DA42.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 07:59:26 CST
DSCN2146 - passenger jet ex Adel.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:00:36 CST
DSCN2147 - FTA Beech.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:02:00 CST
DSCN2148 - FTA DA42.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:03:20 CST
DSCN2149 - FTA Beech.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:06:00 CST
DSCN2150 - FTA Helicopter.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:06:48 CST
DSCN2151 - FTA DA42.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:07:24 CST
DSCN2152 - FTA Beech.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:09:34 CST
DSCN2153 - FTA Beech.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:13:50 CST
DSCN2154 - FTA Helicopter.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:17:40 CST
DSCN2155 - FTA Beech.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:18:02 CST
DSCN2156 - FTA Helicopter.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:19:22 CST
DSCN2157 - FTA DA42.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:23:28 CST
DSCN2158.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:27:08 CST
DSCN2159.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:27:34 CST
DSCN2160 - FTA DA42 alt path.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:28:00 CST
DSCN2161 - FTA DA42.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:32:18 CST
DSCN2162.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:33:02 CST
DSCN2163 - FTA DA42.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:37:14 CST
DSCN2164 - FTA Helicopter.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:40:04 CST
DSCN2165 - FTA DA42.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:41:46 CST
DSCN2166.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:44:00 CST
DSCN2167 - Passenger jet.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:44:28 CST
DSCN2168.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:44:52 CST
DSCN2169 - FTA DA42.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:46:36 CST
DSCN2170 - FTA Helicopter.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:48:00 CST
DSCN2171.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:48:54 CST
DSCN2172 - FTA Helicopter.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:50:16 CST
DSCN2173 - passenger jet ex Adl.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:52:06 CST
DSCN2174 - FTA Helicopter.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:54:12 CST
DSCN2175 Flight trainer unmarked - No Rego.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:54:36 CST
DSCN2176 - FTA Helicopter.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:56:00 CST
DSCN2177 - FTA DA42 extra low.MOV - Thu 18 Dec 2014 08:56:14 CST

We can see 47 recordings.
33 are identified as FTA low flying very noise Beech and DA42 twin engined aircraft, including a formation pair;
6 as very noisey FTA Helicopters, 3 as relatively quiet noisey commercial passenger jets, all within 90 minutes trashing a residential area od Salisbury, several kilometers from the Parafield Airstrip!

Similar thing happened on Good Friday, a day to reflect in relative silence, what Christ is about, and why its supposed to be a day off. Not here in Salisbury, with arrogant foreign fukwit learner pilots encouraged bu arrogant arseholes that corrupt this country.

Beaches said...

I sometimes have letters published in the local press and when I do, I frequently have my house buzzed. Totally illegal but that is what happens. It is a threatening and intimidating attempt to shut me up. Makes me more determined than ever.

The local paper published an article about 2 weeks ago stating that the mayor is to go to China to try and recruit more pilots from China. Yet at the last council meeting she was purported to be almost banging the table saying that Parafield must go.

The general manager of the airport has been quoted as saying that he hasn't received any complaints about the noise. He must live in La La land or have a very good spin doctor working for him. I know those who have and were told by a worker at the airport that it received at least 2 or 3 complaints - per day.

I keep a dairy of the noise and buzzing because I feel that one day, and I live in hope, that there will be someone out there with a conscience in a position of power who will actually do something for us and tell the truth.

Please use this name but not my email address.

Olssons Colonial FU Club said...

As local media are spinning Chinese Investment to sell out Salisbury again, and listening to the News this morning, intense upsetting memories of past cloud over, must be PTSD.

Ex South Australian Premier Mike Rann that DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop the insane noise pollution from relentless flight training out of Parafield, where his safe Labor Seat of Ramsay ensured the prik a comfortable ride to power, now gets an Australian Ambassodor-shit in Rome, with nearly 3 million dollars of taxpayer dollars in renovations and 'alternative accommodation.' The prik is also on a quarter million per year pension, for selling out Salisbury. Who really knows what his chum Zappia has achieved, as far as we are concerned he implicit selling the people of Salisbury out too.

That is how stinking filth keeps ripping off the citizens they are supposed to protect and represent in South Australia. Rubbish Murdoch papers barely keep us informed how that happens.

Hope the ‛Ndrangheta screws these two-faced hypocrites, like the smiling arsewipes have screwed us.

Anonymous said...

20 years ago Parafield airport was a good spot for it. Not too far to drive from suburbia. in 2015 it is long past time to move to a similar distance from suburbia as when Parafield airport was opened.

As times change & Most new families are now moving further from town we need to make sure the people are looked after & move the things that were meant to be isolated to new areas too.

We have just bought and moved into Para Hills and can not believe this is still allowed to happen...

It is painful and relentless. Please move and fly the noisy planes away from these suburban areas ASAP.

Flightrainingadelaide & Parafiald Airport management Inconsiderate RSolz said...

"EPA Reports High Lead Levels at Small Airports"

Avgas100 as used by millions of training flights at Parafield has 4 times the lead used in petrol for cars, long replaced. Millions of circuits flown over the same homes, settling on roofs, RWT's, concentrating wherever the water is used, and never sampled for lead measurements. The actual lead concentration in Parafield Airport's waterrun-off douent appear to be published. Like relentless noise, we don't believe actual lead concentrations are measured, but Parafield's Environmental Consultants prefer to wank on about macrophytes in Dry Creek instead.

Summary Wikipedia - b4 censorship said...

Importing Mass Flight Training Noise at Parafield Airport, the Resident's experience.

Foreign flight training is a very relevant part of Parafield Airport's recent history. It is what kept Parafield Aerodrome funded up to remain as an airport, an unforeseen disaster for surrounding residents that had no say in the matter.

The stopparafieldairnoise blogspot will highlight the unbelievable amount of unmonitored flight training that had taken place at Parafield Airport.

It also demonstrated how with help from Adelaide's only main-stream newspaper, official authorities did not officially measure, or publicly report, the actual amount of circuit training noise over densely populated residential areas. Up to 120 overflights per hour were commonplace for decades till 11PM at night.

The ineffectiveness of a Government subsidized complaint & monitoring system is noteworthy of study. Community Consultation as run by Airport consultants is noteworthy of study. The failure of a State's public health health authority over Federally sanctioned foreign investment is noteworthy of study. Editorial bias in mainstream media omitting critical public health concerns is noteworthy of study.

Complaints from residents around Parafield Airport rivaled Australia's major gateway, Sydney Airport. Only since complaint reporting was made mandatory post 9/11 did this actuality become apparent.

It took 25-30 years, hundreds of house sales directly attributed to noise, degradation of human health, degradation of home value, suicides, for something to get eventually recognized.

It has only been the recent past two years the racket has somewhat alleviated, but we do not fully understand what happened to cause that, or why it took decades. Many still living in the dread that it could start up again any time.

Hood Staib Bull said...

Hood Staib bull........... said,
Thu, Mar 10, 2016 approx 4PM

"Autumn 2016, looks like the noise monitoring stations are out around Parafield, because Chinese owned buztards Flight Training Adelaide turds have farted over our homes hundreds of times already. Turds captured, mostly BELOW 1000 feet, and almost EXCLUSIVELY FTA aircraft, that still need us to identify, as their transponders are not displaying who they are, are as followed:

hour 11 82 'movements'
hour 12 95 'movements'
hour 13 87 'movements'
hour 14 103 'movements'
hour 15 76 'movements'

and these are only the aircraft 'officially' logged.

This shit foreign 'investment' should NEVER have been allowed to grow the amount it has, and happened BECAUSE ITS NOISE POLLUTION WAS NEVER ACTUALLY MEASURED OR MONITORED BY AIRSERVICES AUSTRALIA until Brüel & Kjær was given the role. But as you can see, even now, as soon as the non-permanent noise monitoring stops, the inconsiderate opportunistic pack of ignoranuses at FTA are at it again.

Complain to Anthony Zappia 82653100 and Mark Butler 82420733 as the thousands of complaints to Airservices Australia 1800802584 over 30 years just doesn't stop this sickening criminal abuse."

--- amended SPAN moderator J & D ---

FTA Arrogant Arsholes, part1 said...

This months' calls, anger, frustrations, partially complied to update the blog, as the computer 'literate,' have buggered off long ago, leaving the ignored elderly and those too busy working behind struggling in an 'NBN-less' bored band communications environment. Unsurprising in the 'nothing to politically gain' political Seats in Adelaide's "Northern Suburbs," consistently robbed to benefit others not living there. Usually this went to facebook, but I think that is now censored.

Another typical Autumn day of shit training aircraft noise. Virtually all of them are from that shit Chinese investment Flight Training "Adelaide," aka FTA. FTA by far mostly train foreign pilots, over our homes. Does anybody know if these foreign students get Australian Government assistance, even if its 'disguised' as foreign aid?

The numbers logged below are just the ones logged by Webtrak,

Probably, 90% of these operations are from Parafield, but for some reason Webtrak DOES NOT IDENTIFY THE arsole operator, which almost EXCLUSIVELY is that foreign investor, FTA, based in another tax dodgers paradise, Hong Kong. Who knows the actual number of flights, because for most of the wretched foreign flying school's existence at Parafield, they WERE ALLOWED TO REMAIN UNTRACKABLE BY KEEPING their aircraft flight transponders OFF. Apparently some jerk in CASA said that was ok, but SPAN cannot find real evidence of this, but FTA & airport arsehole management did nothing. Flying low, 'under the radar,' buzzing residents was commonplace which achieved the same thing, to be 'officially unseen.'. Make no mistake, they are arrogant arsholes willing to do anything to stay in this disgusting business reliant on cover-ups. As of no surprise, FTA could ramp operations up when the temporary noise monitoring sites are of course, no longer monitoring the decibels.

The noise monitoring should be permanently in place in residential areas, where people are supposed to live, and where they actually fly. The results should be accessible permanently too, it does not cost much.

Records for May the 6th, 2016 a typical example, when not stormy and sound monitors are absent. Its like this much of this Autumn in large parts of Salisbury:

Time of day/hour Webtrak recorded movements
5 AM 3
6 17
7 100
8 103
9 119
10 106
11 104
12 PM 123
13 119
14 101
15 97

This is heading over 1000 logged a day already, mostly below 1000 feet, in the 'home,' where I had to be. Training aircraft, almost ALL from Hong Kong based tax dodge company FLIGHT TRAINING ADELAIDE. They still go into the night, cant see them, but its 99% FTA, again.

Nobody wants this over homes, and we want FTA to take their noise & pollution back to where their relentless supply of students come from. Local airports for local use, local benefits, for locals only. As if that aviation noise and pollution is not enough to tolerate by those they pollute.

6May2016 - Reports of more than 80 decibels INSIDE peoples' homes, every minute from a few foreign flying students. It is insane. Being overhead, FTA's racket just goes straight through relatively noise transparent roofs. Its disgusting, and they all know it. I wonder if they even get VET funding to fuk us up.

FTA Arrogant Arsholes, Part 2 said...

Residents stuck here are sick of it, and have no meaningful political Representation.
All we can say for any Constituent that cares for Mayo & Port Adelaide with another election coming, phone Mark Butler 82420733, and who has been member for Mayo ever since this shit started, Tony Zappia 82653100. Tell them they are NOT getting your vote until they respect our residential area's right to public health, reasonable amenity, and respect all Constituents. Please publish what they will or will not commit to.

Either 'major party' has been useless, even after 30 years, but these two MP's still approved 400,000 aircraft movements over Salisbury's housing as acceptable, just because arrogant pricks running Parafield/Adelaide airport say so, using bullshit noise models provided by Consultant R Synott, that also Chairs (the useless for Residents)'Community Consultation' process. There is no Resident's Representation on that Committee, after 30 years, nobody has confidence in the process, the consistent selection of the Chair by the Airport proves it.

They approved such volume of 'maximum operations' without experiencing what its like to actually live under. We also know Alexander Downer when having Ministerial charge including Foreign Investment portfolio, claimed ignorance because Murdoch's then pro-China's Advertiser never printed anything critical of China's investments in FTA.

I remain amazed how this can continues for so long, it is an International embarrassment for all sane visitors to witness what is done to "Residential" areas here. The Port-Freight corridor is another disgusting example Salisbury Residents are forced to endure. That is another vile environmental reality Government refuses to monitor, so what does Parafield Airport operators do? They use it as a helicopter training path.

"Fukem, and fuk all you arrogant arsehollers who support it," if only 'self defense' in proportion to the harm caused against unessential arrogant all-corrupting assault by noise, and shit-heads approving it was legal, this probably would be sorted in a week.

Personally, this writer has never seen such an ever-degraded place in a short lifetime directly caused by rubbish Government, abusing the trust, and understandably some ignorance, amongst its more recently settled Constituents, mostly from non-English speaking backgrounds, full of hope, before they can understand the actual Leadershite in place. The two major harmful things damaging so many in the City of Salisbury, continually remain poorly addressed, deliberately NOT objectively measured, and seem excluded from public debate in lamestream media fed Adelaide.

Harold said...

I am still disgusted reading that this goes on, even years after I pulled out my family from that wretched corrupt place, but will share & avail my experience for those having to remain.

I notice that the same Federal Parliamentarians remain in power. The relative newcomer Mark Butler MP seemed to have taken an interest about community health, but seems more concerned saving others atm. The only thing I can find about the long-term MP Anthony Zappia, present throughout the entire Parafield foreign flight training history, is his Parliamentary yak concerned about safety. To me that was probably mostly to just to cover his ass for also approving the 450,000 movements over housing, which STATISTICALLY APPROVES TW0 OFF AIRFIELD ACCIDENTS PER YEAR!

Along with Flight Training Adelaide horrible imposition of sickening noise all day & night, insidious lead pollution emitted from MILLIONS of piston engine flights being dumped over residential environments remains NOT MEASURED. By far most of this is from foreign operator, for foreign students, Flight Training Adelaide.

The long term pro-aiport Mayor Gillian Aldridge is still somehow got voted in, probably supported by that inbred Influencers Church offshoot, most members not living under the training flight paths & more interested about Scripture that obvious abuse.

The same arrogant crooked airport consultant Russel Synnot still chairs the Parafield Airport's community consultation meetings, making any sense of independence a farce. Do not be fooled by his mild demeanor, the consequence of his work is vile, causes much harm to South Australians & aggressive. This man also edits the consultative meetings, omitting much information relevant to the interests of public health and State Planning to protect public health from pollution from Parafield airport. Omitting identifying and publishing the source of almost all complaints being due to Flight Training Adelaide & foreign student operations is part of his 'legal' game. Time sensitive material sometimes is availed when it is too late to be objected to. Another abuse of authority at the expense of public health.

At least the pro-airport leech Mike Rann has gone, who was another rotten representative choosing to ignore the obvious along with a near useless EPA. I used to call Rann's Office generally on a fortnightly basis, just to treated as something to be joked at by his staff, never being able to meet the MP.

Proper permanent noise measuring is the best solution against the continuous deceit by airport stakeholders. Noise monitoring, especially during Autumn, but Airservices Australia, is currently not measuring noise during the busiest time for Flight Training Adelaide, the cause for almost all complaints. Airservices Australia is responsible for noise monitoring, but instead it is another big part of the reality cover-up at Parafield.

30 years, all involved know about it, many thousands of people are damaged by DELIBERATE UNMEASURED NOISE AND POLLUTION.

A CHRONIC SHEER ABUSE OF PARLIAMENTARY PRIVILEGE in all tiers of Australian Government is still taking place in South Australia, even after thousands of complaints, and hundreds of letters describing what is obvious.

Good luck with this, but hope the material is here to run a class action in the future. All this has been presented to relevant Ministers and available to anybody concerned for two Airport Master Plan approvals. DO NOT LET THE PARAFIELD AIRPORT COMMITTEE UNDERMINE THE AUSTRALIAN AIRPORTS ACT TO MAKE THEIR MASTER PLANNING PROCESS AN EIGHT YEAR ONE!

Harry said...

I am still disgusted reading that this goes on, even years after I pulled out my family from that wretched corrupt place, but will share & avail my experience for those having to remain.

I notice that the same Federal Parliamentarians remain in power. The relative newcomer Mark Butler MP seemed to have taken an interest about community health, but seems more concerned saving others atm. The only thing I can find about the long-term MP Anthony Zappia, present throughout the entire Parafield foreign flight training history, is his Parliamentary yak concerned about safety. To me that was probably mostly to just to cover his ass for also approving the 450,000 movements over housing, which STATISTICALLY APPROVES TW0 OFF AIRFIELD ACCIDENTS PER YEAR!

Along with Flight Training Adelaide horrible imposition of sickening noise all day & night, insidious lead pollution emitted from MILLIONS of piston engine flights being dumped over residential environments remains NOT MEASURED. By far most of this is from foreign operator, for foreign students, Flight Training Adelaide.

The long term pro-aiport Mayor Gillian Aldridge is still somehow got voted in, probably supported by that inbred Influencers Church offshoot, most members not living under the training flight paths & more interested about Scripture that obvious abuse.

The same arrogant crooked airport consultant Russel Synnot still chairs the Parafield Airport's community consultation meetings, making any sense of independence a farce. Do not be fooled by his mild demeanor, the consequence of his work is vile, causes much harm to South Australians & aggressive. This man also edits the consultative meetings, omitting much information relevant to the interests of public health and State Planning to protect public health from pollution from Parafield airport. Omitting identifying and publishing the source of almost all complaints being due to Flight Training Adelaide & foreign student operations is part of his 'legal' game. Time sensitive material sometimes is availed when it is too late to be objected to. Another abuse of authority at the expense of public health.

At least the pro-airport leech Mike Rann has gone, who was another rotten representative choosing to ignore the obvious along with a near useless EPA. I used to call Rann's Office generally on a fortnightly basis, just to treated as something to be joked at by his staff, never being able to meet the MP.

Proper permanent noise measuring is the best solution against the continuous deceit by airport stakeholders. Noise monitoring, especially during Autumn, but Airservices Australia, is currently not measuring noise during the busiest time for Flight Training Adelaide, the cause for almost all complaints. Airservices Australia is responsible for noise monitoring, but instead it is another big part of the reality cover-up at Parafield.

30 years, all involved know about it, many thousands of people are damaged by DELIBERATE UNMEASURED NOISE AND POLLUTION.

A CHRONIC SHEER ABUSE OF PARLIAMENTARY PRIVILEGE in all tiers of Australian Government is still taking place in South Australia, even after thousands of complaints, and hundreds of letters describing what is obvious.

Good luck with this, but hope the material is here to run a class action in the future. All this has been presented to relevant Ministers and available to anybody concerned for two Airport Master Plan approvals. DO NOT LET THE PARAFIELD AIRPORT COMMITTEE UNDERMINE THE AUSTRALIAN AIRPORTS ACT TO MAKE THEIR MASTER PLANNING PROCESS AN EIGHT YEAR ONE!

Synnot Will Snottkinson, again said...

Airservices Australia, thank you for packing up & not measuring circuit training noise, again.

Federal MPs Hon Zappia & Hon Butler, thank you for appointing stooges helping us that see, hear & apparently know nothing to screw your constituents for us, again.

EPA, thanks for not measuring anything toxic to the residents flight training poisons, again. Year 2016, still ignoring the obvious, noise & pollution ever worsening now for 30 years, remarkably impressive achievement of ignorance.

Government Grants, keep them coming in for the airport, again.

Thank you all dickheads ignoring any idea of independence running PACCC community consultation meetings, appointing pro-aviation committee, ignoring residents health, ignoring the obvious noise and pollution approving 450,000 flies over homes.

Business as usual, again.

South Australia, ignoring years of SOS from residents in Sold Out Salisbury, on behalf of Parafield aviation fraternity to managing the corrupt transport infrastructure custodians, thanks again.

I have never witnessed a pack of arrogant inconsiderate arseholers anywhere in the developed world, thanks again.

Salisbury Residents said...

It appears Hartwig Aviation's 'new' Directors want to join FTA in the mass foreign foreign flight training scam.

If they are they going to operate over residential areas, as other arrogant inconsiderate operators do?

Still making sure circuit flight transponders fail to identify operators? Still evading noise measurement? Still polluting us with insidious unmeasured poisons? You and all your corrupting aviation consultant chumps are a bunch of sickening arrogant selfish scumbags.

Aviation asshols, go fly over your own place, or go outback where nobody lives, and where you belong.

UnfAirservices Chinaustralia said...

It has been another noisy week, this time featuring Hartwig Air along with the usual foreign FTA arrogant investment training foreign students over our residential areas.

Obviously, no noise or pollution is being monitored when they do this to us. Noise like this has never been monitored, because when monitoring is taking place, the asshole flying schools avoid being monitored.

This is a true quote, as it is more than noise alone, a sure bet to developing a PTSD:

“…It actually blights your home. It’s the intrusion, principally, it’s the disturbance that it causes to your life and your well-being, and it’s difficult to relax. We’re on edge subconsciously, to some extent. There’s an anticipatory element to it, when you didn’t know quite when they were going to stop or when they were going to start again. And you then find out that you’re actually powerless.”

Dickhead Members & Senators said...

450,000 movements over housing per year, approved by Federal Members Anthony Zappia and Mark Butler, why? Because Parafield Airport's consultant modelling provided by Parafield Airport Community Consultant Chairman Russel Synnot, who is also Parafield Airports former Environmental Consultant, from Synnot Wilkinson, says it is ok to do so. They don't live under it, and its been going on for decades.

Zappia's long term 'Office Aides' still think it a joke when people are driven mad by relentless unmonitored noise by foreign students.

This link describes it, same shit, different place made bad. Aviation, fuck you all.

Noise monitoring should be permanent, lead measurements in the soil & water should be done, it is supposed to be a residential area & public health & safety is paramount. I wonder how many fall doing home maintenance after the rains, distracted when FTA plays 'catch-up.' No monitoring happens then, buzzed 20-50 per hour. They used to often do up to 120 per hour, disgusting foreign Chinese investment, its CEO was RAAF Keith Morgan. An absolute inconsiderate arrogant deliberate measurement evading (with the help of Airservices Australia) bunch of hated pile-on shits.

Students not living or working here can train elsewhere over non-residential areas.

Charlie KonKarnt said...

Hi, not sure if this gets published but its from Facebook that refered to this blog about the arrogance of aviation.
After experiencing years of this, aviation, the most inconsiderate arrogant unsustainable lucrative industries on the planet, run on crudit, misinformation, Madison St Marketing, PR spin, its got the lot for an insecure brainwashed rat-race, also on crudit.

Backed by being the ultimate enabler of indiscriminate mass-killing technologies, 'hijacking' Govt policies 'corrupting' insecurity industries on all sides, aviation has already incinerated alive millions, & still rips apart killing thousands of innocent families & kids.

Amazing ~100 years ago, the world was chugging along fine without it. Few really need it.

Assholes in Aviation said...

Good Friday, 2017,
a day of contemplation, preferably in relative silence, for those selfless who gave up their lives against anti-humane regimes of oppression, but not in Salisbury, South Australia, where all we hear are foreign students flying over our houses for another rotten 'foreign investment,' sanctioned by arrogant rotten corrupt Governments.

I return to my place of birth, childhood for Easter visiting elders that cannot move, and after more than 20 years, the foreign aircraft racket is still not measured, same assholes in Local Government funding Parafield Airport, same assholes in Federal Government, but worse of all, the same asshole Chairman from Synnot & Wilkinson running the Parafield Airport Community Consultation Committee, contracting the same asshole Hughes PR team to cover up the obvious relentless unnecessary aircraft noise problem, where noise and pollution is deliberately never captured or measured, by the useless Airservices Australia, an obvious vested interest that should never been given responsibility to measure noise.

In any civil country that is criminal, and it pleases me to expose Australian Aviation and so-called Government regulatory practice is a shameful sham.

Absolutely amazing that after all these years the Airport Consultative Minutes of meetings availed to the public are still of a pathetic mediocre standard compared to other States, and the noise and lead pollution just goes on and on, with crucial known information about the volumes of avgas used for circuit training, actual 'incidents,' actual complaints and actual noise never made available.

The 20million dollars spent on Webtrak still does not identify the Chinese owned FTA as the main noise nuisance polluting residential Salisbury, financed by HSBC, and now Hartwig Aviation want to cash in, all financed by Wespac. Assholes, all involved are arrogant assholes.

I no longer have any respect for Aldridge, Gill, Zappia, & especially Airservices Australia, Synnot & former Rann. Fuck you all for letting foreign investors ruin my neighborhood's quality of life, for your profits, in case you have not been told.

Anonymous said...

Devaluation on property studies for fkwits in Governments who claim 'we have no evidence' of it. Please note, dates of estimates/inflation if converting to current dollars...

Australian Airports Act 1996 said...

Australian Airports Act 1996

If anything, this Act calls for community consultation every 5 years about proposed Airport operations and development plans.

A formal Consultative Committee is created for this purpose, and should be Chaired by a person independent to relevant stakeholders, especially any airport.

This appears not to be the case at Parafield Airport, where the Community Consultative Committee is Chaired by a former Environmental Consultant employed by Parafield Airport management, who also supplies ANEF noise modelling plots, without explaining in detail how the hundreds of thousands of aircraft movements can be "Conditionally acceptable," under its modeled "25ANEF," where knowingly, excess of 100 training aircraft movements going over the same homes has deliberately never been measured by Airservices Australia, who use a method of noise measurement requiring transponders to be enabled, knew that FTA had their transponders disabled, avoiding measurement. It was alleged that that was acceptable by CASA in uncontrolled airspace, where mass-circuit training operations occur at Parafield for decades.

As far as we are aware, the current Parafield Airport Community Consultative Committee is still Chaired by the same consultant from, Russell, from Synott & Wilkinson.

Lead in soils and water run off have never been assayed and made publicly available by Russell Synnot, or any of PAL's Environmental Consultants.
They also refuse to disclose the tonnage of AVGAS delivered to FTA mostly burned for mass-circuit training during Keith Morgans management.

The same goes for the actual noise when mass flight training takes place.

Residents have no confidence with the former FAC and PAL adhering to Australia's Airports Act with on independent Chair for any Community Consultative Committees.

The Airports Ombudsman and Federal MPs has been a waste of time dealing with this issue.

Why have Adelaide Airports, both severely polluting residential areas been allowed to use an 8 year Master Plan process instead of the former 5 year cycle?

We ask for a genuinely independent Chair, that takes Public Health and Safety seriously.

FB Friends said...

Reminder: Are you concerned about a 61% increase in aircraft movements at Parafield Airport?

The Airport will be having a meeting to explain and discuss the 2017 draft Parafield Airport Master Plan. Date: Thursday 31st August (tomorrow) 7PM to approx 8.30pm. St Johns Anglican Church , 10 Church Street, Salisbury.

If you can't attend the meeting tomorrow then please try to read the 2017 draft master plan for Parafield Airport and find out what is planned for the area. Submissions can be lodged at Need more info? ph (08) 8308 9211 (airport number).

Don't be fooled by their claim of providing thousands of jobs for the North because of flight training. Most of the jobs and revenue they claim to produce are from non - aeronautical businesses located on the Airport's boundaries.

There is also more helicopter training planned in the future.

Parafield Airport is having its "Master Plan" up for 'Community Conn-Insultation' again, it is really a scam to continue the irresponsible arrogant harm-causing interests of foreign infestors that have undermined 'our' democracy for many years in Sold-Out-Salisbury, South Australia. Synnot still holds the Char for this farce of a Community Consultative Committee, & chooses no Resident or Public Health representation on it, & still claims 450,000 aircraft movements (almost all foreign first time flying cadets) over pre-existing Australian residents' housing to be ok.

Apparently the 'Hon' Zappia & Butler don't see enough problem in these farce to do much either, & they have the power to at least demand an Independent Chairman, while
South Australian Govt & Local Councils do nothing. Worse than useless, as usual.

Have a say.

Air Sewerage Australia - Parafouled said...

This meeting, it was not consultation, but another bullying bombastic exercise by PAL pushing their arrogance, for their own interests, Chaired by the usual Consultant since the foreign rot started, (mid 1990's) lurking in the shadows, Russel Synnot, boring & effectively ignoring most angry residents there, where ~20 left, & insufficient time to address questions about noise, covering up that 90% is from foreign flyers (who need not fly here), so the usual farce of 'Community Consultation' was of no surprise.

Russell Synnot is a Ports Consultant and is a big part creating, and continuing the ongoing problem of importing mass foreign flight training at Parafield Airport, importing the noise and pollution, then ensuring nothing is actually measured. HE SHOULD NEVER CHAIR ANY COMMUNITY CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEES for Parafield Airport, and we have been stating that for decades. Synnot selects the Committee, sets the agenda of all meetings, and vets all presentations to maximize the Airports interests only. The Arrogance and inconsideration of adverse effects of the health and amenity of the surrounding community is effectively ignored, the proof is in the history, as is in the current round of Parafield Airport Master Planning Community Consultation.

It is an insult to hear blame and 'responsibility' buk-passed on to other 'Regulators,' (who are just as useless protecting public health) as presented in this alleged 'consultative meeting,' Aviation Regulators that are in turn fed lies sourced by this Consultant. Lies as to actual noise modelling, lies as to actual flight paths, supplies any advice to cover up actual complaints, and actual noise measurements with an obliging corrupted non-independent arrogant Airservices Australia.

The people that actually know the reality live in it, and were again disrespected & ignored, as usual, by this illegal 'process.'

Noise groups have put this obvious fact to all governments for decades, and still this goes on, ruining Salisbury Suburbs, to protect some nonsense use of land for foreign 'fly boys,' but at the serious detriment of our public health, civic amenity and property value.

I cannot explain how this is considered acceptable, and how it continues. I expect "Our" expensive Parliamentarians to know better, but in reality, you are all an embarrassment to the observing civil world.


parafield facebook said...

Apparently Sydney 'makes' billions out of mass tourism, & that is a big, if not only thing driving the 'Port,' money/greed.

How it 'benefits' all people living there is another story. Prostituting a beautiful place to the world's 'self-entitled fascists' has 'economically' denied most desirable places from local inhabitants - denying people access to 'their' property/place/healthy amenity is akin to theft - can you see the actual dispossession/'wealth transfer' over time? Bullying inconsiderate arrogant thieving scum call it, 'growth'/'progress,' but without fair & Just compensation, its really a get-rich-quick (for scome) form of theft, usually exploiting leveraged crudit, while collective victims are all left to pay off - thats SA, sure screwed us All The Way...

We write about Salisbury/Parafield, not only because we care for our Community & others, but also to show how little 'Australian' aviation cares about Australians. For example, this very beautiful sunny morning, ~50 annoying overflights from Chinese FTA around our homes before lunch. I bet ASA is not monitoring noise, or taking complaints seriously, as usual 'covering up/downplaying' as much as possible the disgusting reality we endure.

This does not represent 10-20,000 people moving through our area, presumably spending lots of money, it only perhaps represents the mere 'convenience' a half a dozen foreign students, that do not live, or have any 'need' to train here!

The past average was ~350 per day, peaking to +1000 till 11PM. That represents about 8 almost all foreign students at any given time. Welcome experiencing the real 'modern' Australia, its Aboriginal Peoples knew all along.

Never have I seen so few foreigners 'legally' do so much damage to so many, for so long, with Government 'backing/support.'

This is the actual 'work' of 'Australian Aviation,' with its worse-than-useless 'Regulators,' bankrapped 'State,' (certainly not our doing/benefit), with 'our' Parliamentarians. They ALL know/been informed, yet turned their backs on us for decades, & some frauds still handsomely rewarded to the tune of +$5k pre WEEK, with a similar amount as additional 'income,' from 'friends'/'Govt' postings.

In past times Aviation enjoyed a lot of 'concessions' as a militaristic entity. That is no longer the reality, but greedy crudit ridden commercial scum still demand similar 'concessions.'

FU Bananaby & FTA said...

Decades on, China's FTA and their students still heavily polluting Australians in Salisbury.

Another disgraced Federal Minister signs off a PAL request to pollute us even more, based on FTA's claims, while ignoring the community they severely pollute and damage.

Australian Government frauds still turn their back on Australians and do nothing to protect them.

More Australian Citizens driven sick, for just being in their own homes.

FU SA Planning and other corrupt Government Departments for keeping the most inappropriate use of land as an airfield for foreigners to pollute us.


FTA is still flying students over us all day, every couple of minutes, from 0730 over established residential areas. How can anyone live under this noise?

FU Australain Government, Aviation and its 'Regulators,' Parafield Airport Limited and SA Health hypocrites.

FU Bananaby Joyce and Turdbull for approving another ridiculous open slather Airport plan approving 450,000 aircraft movements, almost all foreign students, over Australian Residents.

FU Stony Crappia, Aldridge and her corrupt Council of 'Influencers,' Mike Rann, Alexander Downer, Zappia, Smelly and all the other current fake and historic fake Leaders with useless Health Depts who continue to do nothing about this.

FU lying arrogant grubs and 'Environmental' Consultants like Ruskel Snott.

FU FTA/China and its arrogant Hong Kong banks and looters corrupting our city and State.

FU Canberra, for doing nothing but help foreigners harm hard working Australians.

Hope there is special torture for filth like you in Hell.

Lead Head Chair Synnot Faust said...

"Currently, leaded avgas is the largest source of lead air pollution in the US,causing emissions of over 500 tons of lead per year. Recent research has found that children living near general aviation airports have higher blood lead levels than children living farther away, and studies have linked high childhood lead levels to a host of serious health problems."

Has any objective surface lead been measured by PAL?

Another of thousands of toxic days of noise for Salisbury for foreigners. Relocate Parafield Airport, its just got to go one day, why not 25 years ago?

Messenger Press disregards polluted Residents again said...

This is from a facebook page, but shows how people are kept ignorant of reality by Adelaide Airports Public Relations spinners hijacking local media:

Messenger Press, Northern Weekly today, another disgusting example of promoting foreign interests that damage the community. How on earth does a septic tank's aviation story get front page promoting foreign interests that directly HARM Australian Residents that this rag is supposed to support? Is this shit more important than public health of Australians? Is this how arrognast scum thank surviving a plane crash?

AAL/PAL's PR jerks probably hijacked (again) newby dimwtd 'editor' Ben Harvey, 82062645, but, the overall Messenger Press editor, is Nadia Fleet 82062338, Editor-in-chief according to Wiki is Matt Deighton, who should know better.

This is planely another abuse of a communications medium, & why brainwashed that dont know better think toxic aviation is so 'great.'

If anybody wants to ask editors, please share if anybody gets a meaningful answer. They have been informed many times before.

Sold-OutSawls Resident Bo - Submission to Senator Janet Rice said...

Hurry, 2 days to go:

The vile corrupt NEVER MEASURED racket from Parafield fly training maggots its all here:

and here­groups/­286145238462395

In this horrid case, Public Health costs are simply ignored in 'justifying' Parafield Airport NOT to be relocated for decades.

PERMANENT noise/environmental monitoring is a bare minimum to not only capture the evidence of what the likes of FTA does, & has been doing for decades, but to demand ACTION of empowered relevant bodies to protect Residents Health/Amenity, because this rotten State/Local governments have done NOTHING of any value, & even have supported foreign investments for students polluting us to the brink of insanity, & tipping others to suicide.

Its truly horrible, costing me to lease property well out from Salisbury, away from where I an needed, just to remain functional.

I've never experienced this obvious abuse in a so-called 'democracy,' or place respecting human health, anywhere outside a war zone.

Please rid us of this industrial foreign pollution.

Ar the very least demand permanent noise monitoring where flight training happens, as they can & have avoided monitoring by modifying/ceasing operations for decades to avoid monitoring of what the scum do when monitoring is ineffective/absent.

The low-life polluters caused this problem, make then pay for it.

FEDERAL ICAC, Yesterday or NOW said...

It seems your Federal Representatives completely fail in their duty of care towards residents by simply accepting whatever PAL claims as fact in their alleged environmental monitoring.

Parafield is a Federal Airport, but its potential is simply maximized as if nobody has ever lived, or will ever live around it, yet it is in the midst of a fully urbanized part of Salisbury/Adelaide.

Corruption or negligence must be considered how this can go on for so long. Salisbury's Local Government also fails its duty of care to its residents by accepting & promoting foreign flight training at levels causing serious damage to its City.

If you cannot vote frauds out, lobby for proper independent investigation on those who allow such an obscene travesty of Justice to happen.

Infrasound Truth said...

Deliberately unprotected allegedly "Residential" Salisbury has become a horrible sick place because of this foreign flight racket.

How can allegedly "Australian" Governments ever allow this rot to carry on so long is beyond explanation, other than "Australian Government," is riddled with traitors and with thieving frauds.

Australians are driven to illness in their own homes, at any opportunity because frauds have approved 450,000 aircraft movements per year over homes. Anybody knows even a third of that is insane. Parafield Airport should close or relocate, as it should have 30 years ago.

For those claiming there is "No evidence" of infra-sound causing harm, read this:

"During the early 1940s Axis engineers developed a sonic cannon that could cause fatal vibrations in its target body. A methane gas combustion chamber leading to two parabolic dishes pulse-detonated at roughly 44 Hz. This sound, magnified by the dish reflectors, caused vertigo and nausea at 200–400 metres (220–440 yd) by vibrating the middle ear bones and shaking the cochlear fluid within the inner ear."

Adelaide ABC - alas, a bit better than nothing said...

Same shit, another decade, how can this go on for so long in a civil society?

Another disgusting failure of an incompetent, or more likely corrupt 'Australian' or more like China-serving Governments. Thank you ABC, the other media rubbish refuse to cover this.

Arrogant Assholes off Fb said...

ogant Assholes, off FBThe PACC Chair, a highly paid consultant for PAL, only has qualifications in 'Science,' not Health, Public Health, Mental Health, Civic Planning, Risk Management, genuine social economics, and many other things I would expect from such a position, YET, still considers adverse human health effects from aircraft noise, as a 'possibility.'

Here are some mostly unanswered Q & A's for your perusal by the never-independent Community Consultative Committee Chairman, where the severe problems started with his appointment. This mediocre arrogant man full of falsehoods must go:

Q6. What qualifications does the PACC Chairperson have? Are you aware of international studies showing health issues associated with airport noise and pollution?*

The PACC Chair has a BSc (Hons) and PhD in Science. In addition, some 25 years’ experience in airport environmental assessments, community consultation, management and planning.

PAL is aware of the published literature which is currently reporting the possible links between aircraft noise and health effects. Several large studies are underway in Europe and the USA to test the veracity of potential claims made elsewhere.

Q7. Salisbury Council is holding re-elections later this year. There may be nominations from Councillors from new areas. Could you please ensure that residents concerns from the worst noise affected areas have adequate representation?*

A: There are currently two positions on the PACC for elected members of Council and they represent the opinions and issues for all the areas around the airport.

Q8. There have been a few enquiries about why aircraft can’t fly higher than 1000 feet when circuiting around the airport during their annoying training? It is also a concern that helicopters can train at 800 feet. This should be changed to 1200 feet or higher. It should not be left to residents to submit this to CASA.*

A: The height of training aircraft and helicopters at Parafield airport is set by international regulations for training and safety considerations in the Parafield airspace. The Parafield Airport Technical Working Group has reviewed the heights and concluded that there is limited possibility of changing any altitudes for training aircraft.

Q11. Have any Independent studies been conducted or has a cost benefit analysis been done to justify why Parafield Airport should remain in the middle of the City of Salisbury? We are aware of the lease details but ongoing noise from many of Parafield airports aircraft are severely impacting our health and daily life. It is unfair to burden residents with increasing numbers of flight movements as predicted in the master plan.*

A: We are unaware of any recent cost benefit analyses on this issue.

*Master Plan Process*

*In late 2017 I believe the draft Parafield master plan received a record number of objections and complaints and these are still ongoing in the media. Residents who submitted a submission appeared to receive a generic reply that was unsatisfactory.*

Q13. We request a copy of the report by Hudson Howell 2017 that details the employment figures and perceived economic benefits of Parafield Airport.*

A: This document is considered commercial in confidence by PAL and hence the summary in the 2017 Master Plan is the only component suitable for public release.

Q14. Can you provide current financial figures for Parafield Airport?*

A: This financial information is considered commercial in confidence and hence will not be released.

Russell Synnot

Chair PACC


Parafouled, Parafilth, Air Services Australia for China, Department of Foreigners & Traitors, SA "Health," all 'Environmental Protection" agencies, or counterparts, here is a listing proving you all frauds, funded by crooked Governments who steal from us, while they sell us out.

Shame on you all, but it seems Australia was always about foreigners screwing over 'Australians.' Now they make Australians work & pay for this organized crime.

Richard said...

Is the pacc chair supposed to be independent under law? The health studies reply sounds like they just know it impacts but just "searching" 4 a counter. Which tells you what their M O is

Parafield Flight Training Noise said...

Their "MO" is simply to maximise the Airport potential with no regard to the surrounding Residents, as if they do not exist. There is also no regard to proper assessment of Parafield Airports land use, or as Residents consider, land abuse, as Edinburgh nearby serves as a genuine Secondary Airport for emergencies at Adelaide Airport.

The Parafield Airport Consultative Committee, aka PACC is run & Chaired by PAL, who employs a noxious Ports Consultant to fulfill their agendas and interests, & its members are mostly all airport stakeholders, with little or no effective Residents Representation. As far as we are aware, there never has been a Residents Representative on that Committee, as PAL claims Residents are "Represented," by Salisbury Council's "Presence," which is ridiculous. Salisbury Council consistently has denied the existence of a severe public health problem, claiming it is not their problem, and allege they are 'Powerless,' do do anything about it. This is absolute nonsense, Residential Health, Safety and Amenity are very much Local Government issues.

The PACC 'Legally,' differs from the Parafield Airports "Community" Consultative Committee, past aka PACCC, which is engaged for "Community Consultation," for Parafield Airport developments and expansion, as presented in PAL's 5 year Master Plans, as stipulated in the Australian Airports Act, 1996, where PAL's wish list is subject to Ministerial review, for approval.

One would reasonably expect at least the PACCC would be Chaired independently, but it is not. The PACCC is Chaired by the same consultant as the PACC, without Residents Representation, rendering "Community Consultation," a complete farce, since the Australian Airports Act was ratified.

Russel Synnot has Chaired both these Committees for decades. He claims to be a Ports "Environmental Consultant," he has sourced the ANEI noise "modelling' to secure 450,000 aircraft movements to be "Conditionally Acceptable," at 25ANEF, over untreated long-established residential housing for the convenience and lifestyle of foreign students, that need not train here. This is ridiculous, the reality still never actually measured by Airservices Australia, they all know it, unconscionable and not interdependent. It hardly goes in the spirit of the Australian Airports Act, and with Australian Aviation Regulators, the complete disregard for Australians is long demonstrated at Airfields like Parafield.

All our Ministers and Representatives have been made aware of this for decades, it is no oversight, or "teething problems," it is simply systemic traitorous fraud, and criminal.

FTA fux Salisbury's health & sleep said...

A post from Facebook.

The best thing you can do for your health: sleep well from The Guardian

Sleeping sufficiently well, how on earth can we do this in Sold-Out-Sawlz?

Where else in the 'Civil World,' do 'grown-ups'/retirees get told when to sleep by wealthy wannabee 'top gun' nuisance foreign students?

"Insufficient sleep is now one of the most significant lifestyle factors influencing whether or not you will develop Alzheimer’s disease."

"Routinely sleeping less than six hours a night also compromises your immune system, significantly increasing your risk of cancer. So much so, that recently the World Health Organization classified any form of night-time shiftwork as a probable carcinogen."

"Inadequate sleep for just one week disrupts blood sugar levels so profoundly you would be classified as pre-diabetic"
"even moderate reductions of two to three hours for just one week – disrupts blood sugar levels so profoundly that you would be classified as pre-diabetic.

"Short sleeping increases the likelihood of your coronary arteries becoming blocked and brittle, setting you on a path towards cardiovascular disease, stroke and congestive heart failure."

Been trying to get this through to thikheds running/ruining 'our' Govts for many years.