Sunday, May 27, 2018

Messenger Press disrespects polluted residents yet again

Messenger Press, Northern Weekly today, another disgusting example of promoting foreign interests that damage the community. How on earth does a septic tank's aviation story get front page promoting foreign interests that directly HARM Australian Residents that this rag is supposed to support? Is this shit more important than public health of Australians? Is this how arrognast scum thank surviving a plane crash? AAL/PAL's PR jerks probably hijacked (again) newby dimwtd 'editor' Ben Harvey, 82062645, but, the overall Messenger Press editor, is Nadia Fleet 82062338, Editor-in-chief according to Wiki is Matt Deighton, who should know better. This is planely another abuse of a communications medium, & why brainwashed that dont know better think toxic aviation is so 'great.' If anybody wants to ask editors, please share if anybody gets a meaningful answer. They have been informed many times before.

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Anonymous said...

Is it just nice that the university is cosy and furthering the pollution of Parafield Airport - a university that promotes courses in such things as humanities, environment and sustainability, etc.