Monday, April 11, 2011

Relentle$$ Aviation $elling '$ecurity'

200 to 250 Chinese, Middle East, cashed up Oil States' youngsters 'with the burning desire to fly' training at Parafield, Moorabbin does India, while they sell those countries billions of dollars of aircraft... ye$.

'Defence', privatization, selling security, selling aircraft, big banking, etc, etc, death doesn’t seem to matter, causing mass misery doesn’t even get treated seriously! Yet, the extensive PR & spin make the general public think the world would fall apart without aviation.

Never in human history has an industry indiscriminately murdered so many, so quickly, by so few as Aviation. Incinerating hundreds of thousands of innocent children, in their homes, with their entire families while multinationals with their bankers profit.


Stretch said...

God help the residents of Salisbury, Para Hills, Mawson Lakes & all of the surrounds of Parafield Airport. Another lot of aircraft flown by uncaring people without any concern for the noise levels they create on the local residents.
If someone in a car made this level of noise they would be classed as "hoons".
The FTA just grows & grows with no controls over the noise they create & sooner or later there will be an accident over homes that were built over thirty years ago.You should all check the FTA page below where they basically brag about the lack of controls over Parafield.
Obviously the government does not want to make any comment.

Anonymous said...

Today is the 17th April 2014, the Thursday before Good Friday. It is one plane after the other today, relentless, every 30 seconds another noisy plane circling around. That is not sharing the skies, that is domineering the skies.

They have not even deregistered the extra noisy planes. Shame on the Federal Government for tolerating this unhealthy environment. We do have some tolerance for some noise, but what happens today is an insult - the 1 %'s playground at the expense of others.